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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Quick, Easy, & Simple Bible Study Method

I had really been struggling spiritually for a while now so I decided to get back to my roots. A friend of mine (hi Jess👋🏼) has been going through the same thing so we decided to embark on this Bible study journey together. This is a Bible study method my mentor taught me in 2000 (cannot believe it’s been almost 20 years). I really like how you can take any Scripture and apply it to your life this way... I’m starting by reading 1 chapter starting in Galatians and when I’m finished I’ll move onto Ephesians, Philippians then Colossians. Simply grab a notebook, write on it like this:

 2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for:  teaching (what does this verse teach me),   
rebuking(where do I fall short),   
correcting (how do I need to change)   
and training in righteousness(what steps do I need to take)  

Then I write a prayer on the back.

 It’s been refreshing to start this. I have found reading it in my physical Bible changes the experience for me. It is less distracting because I cannot see the screen if a text message comes in. I like to physically underline or circle passages. Writing the answers in my notebook makes them more memorable as well. I also do not get as easily distracted if I am physically hand writing them. 

If you are looking for a simple way to apply God's Word to your life, I hope you give this method a try and I'm praying it richly rewards you.

Grace and peace, 
Adoring Family


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