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Friday, November 22, 2019

🧼 5 Friday Favorites 🧼 Cleaning Edition 🧼

Hello friends, I hope everyone had a wonderful week! We have enjoyed our company from Korea along with two community days of school. Today I plan to spend a full day cleaning and organizing my home. Next week I will share all of the fun organizing tools I’m using but this week I’m sharing my favorite household cleaning products. These are products produce amazing results and smell amazing while just making it fun to clean. I actually look forward to my  quiet cleaning time.

First up, we have the Caldrea cleaning products. Their soaps, countertop spray, room spray, and dish soap are my absolute favorite. They are highly fragranced Yet still considered to be “clean” cleaning products meaning no harsh chemicals. They are definitely more of a luxury but I feel that if it’s going to help me do something that is honoring to my husband, a blessing to my children and fulfilling to me, I am happy to spend a few extra dollars on these products while skipping other items such as a fancy coffee.

The Orange Glo wood cleaner and conditioner is another favorite to clean my wood items with. I love the shine it produces and the beautiful orange fragrance that is subtle yet refreshing.  Occasionally, I will clean  my cabinets with this but most often my piano, side table in the hall, dining table and night stands.

This stainless steel cleaner is 100% the BEST! It is the only one I have found that actually cleans my appliances and doesn't leave a streak mess(does anyone else have a fridge that gets quite dirty after just two or three days?).  This cleaner cleans the dirt but doesn’t like a streaky finish like all of the other stainless steel cleaners I’ve tried. You are left with clean appliances and a beautiful shine

Next up is my MUST HAVE cleaning product for those of us living in areas with hard water. This is not as chemically friendly but sometimes you need something with a little extra boost of you want to clean the hard water stains. This Lime A Way cleaner is a miracle worker. I clean around my faucets with this cleaner because it is a gel and sits nicely in place long enough to descale the lime. I also clean the toilets of course but any place that has hard water buildup will benefit from this cleaner. I do have multiple bottles on hand and designate one for the toilets and another for the sinks etc...I’ve recently discovered these fresh gel rings that you just stamp inside your toilet bowl. They do a great job and keeping the line down and the toilet fresh and clean. 

These stiffer wet pads are my favorite for daily cleaning. I usually deep clean with the O Cedar  mop below and I find that one very easy to use but for our multiple quick mops through the week I prefer to just pop on of these in my swifter sweeper. This is the best price I’ve found on the swifter pads. The Lavender Vanilla is my all time favorite. Again, a lovely smell makes cleaning an enjoyable experience for me. 


So that’s it for my Five  Friday Favorites this week!  I hope these products are useful and enjoyable to use if you try them!  
If you are looking for some cleaning inspo, CLICK HERE to head over to my Insta and check out my  "Tap to Clean" stories :) 
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
 Blessings to all of you!

Grace & peace,
adoring Family


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