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Friday, March 15, 2019

5 Friday Favs

Hey guys! πŸŽ‰ It's FriYay!πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ It's been a long, hard week.

 I'm exhausted and never thought I'd get tired of picking out stuff for our new build but it has finally happened. I'm just over it and ready to move in. I think we are going to move in before I have my vent hood picked out because I just cannot decide what I want and we are ready to get in our new house. 
So without further ado, I have compiled my 5 Friday Favorites for you... 

1. Isotoner Leopard Print Slippers
πŸ’• I'm so loving these little house slippers. πŸ’•They are feminine and sleek. I usually don't love most house slippers because they can be so bulky but these are satin and form fitting. They will be perfect for these next few Spring months of Texas' unpredictable weather (pleeeease give me lots of sunshine). 

This has been a favorite book/journal of mine since September of 2013. I have purchased SEVEN copies of this book and given it as a gift 6 times, I love this book that much! It is an amazing guided prayer journal that will deepen your prayer life. Full post on this coming next week. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ I will usually start going through it and someone will come to mind that I think might enjoy it and I will get them a copy. It is part of my morning basket that I talk about in my 5:30 a.m. Morning Routine post.

3. Staying Hydrated w this Times of Day Water Bottle
My SIL's mom (My SIL is in the pic above, top left) gave me this water bottle from Amazon last week. 

It makes it so easy to get my daily water intake in. The times of day are marked on the bottle as a reminder. She said it is better for your pancreas when you sip water in increments. Of course I add a splash of cranberry juice πŸ˜‹ so refreshing and detoxing (read this to learn more). 

4. Soft Perfume Oil

This is my favorite perfume oil.It is the concentrated perfume oil in a roll on form. The fragrance is called Soft and the smell is indeed a soft, feminine aroma. There is something almost magical about this formula. Every time I put it on it evokes am incredible response from those around me. Everyone asks what I'm wearing! You have to try it and wear it for a few minutes. It's amazing and impossible to describe but it's under $10 so if you are looking for a new perfume you should give it a try. 

5.  This song by Tal & Acacia
This song is such a fun, light and upbeat tune and perfectly describes how I've been feeling lately. I am sitting on Shoulders not my own right now, y'all. It's just a hard season. We are scrambling to get into our house and its just one thing after another. One of my fav lines is when they say, "If you're tired and you are weak He says come..."
It does make me happy and it's a great reminder of where I need to be drawing my strength.

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Grace & Peace,
Adoring Family

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  1. Those slippers are leopard, well I specially love that! Perfect for around the house. That perfume oil sounds awesome and I love the sweet water bottle! Have a beautiful weekend beautiful girl!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! Blessings to you, friend xoxoxoxo

  2. I really like the design of that water bottle.

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