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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Circuit Training

Hello everyone, I’m back from a brief hiatus. I wanted to jump on and share a 20 minute circuit training routine that I have created and found to be very effective. I start out by doing a ten minute light cardio routine on my rebounder/mini-trampoline (read more about about why I think rebounding is THE best form of exercise here). Then I jump right into my circuit training routine. I will do upper body Monday, Wednesday, Friday and lower body Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. As I mentioned in this post, I am doing 90 seconds of cardio before meals and 90 minutes after as part of my 90 Day Sprint Fitness Goals

Let’s get into the routine...
Start by doing 10 minutes of cardiovascular training on your rebounder. For a simple routine click here. I like to find three songs that are upbeat to keep me motivated and give me an idea of how much longer I have to jump. 

Upper Body

Cardio rebounder 10 min

Circuit one
Side plank 30 seconds each side
Plank 30 seconds 
Push up 20 reps 

Circuit two
Tricep extension w 10 lbs weights x 12
Side Shoulder raise w 10 lbs weights x 12
Straight leg sit up x 30 

Circuit three
Bicep curl w 10 lbs weights x 12
Lat rows  w 10 lbs weights x 12
Shoulder press w 10 lbs weights x 12 

Repeat circuits three times 

Lower Body 
T Th Sat

Cardio rebounder 10 min

Circuit one 
Weighted squats x20
Single leg dead lift right x20
Single leg dead lift left x20

Circuit two
Back leg lift x20 
Side leg lift x20
front leg lift x20

Circuit three

Glute bridge x20
Single calf raise right x20
Single calf raise left x20

Repeat three times

I'm planning to keep this routine up for at least thirty days and then I’ll switch it up by adding more weight or changing up the routine. 

For a short recap, this is what I’m finding to be effective for my fitness goals this week:
-10 min cardio rebounder
-Circuit Training for Upper Body MWF
-Circuit Training for Lower Body T TH SAT
-Cran Water- read more about what this is and why I drink it in this post. 
-Supplements- I am currently taking

NOW Foods L-Glutamine
-Lean and green meals -I have some easy recipes coming up soon 
-90 second cardio before/after meals

I hope you find some ideas and inspiration here today. Thank you for reading. 
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family

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