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Friday, May 3, 2019

🌸Five Friday Favorites🌸

Thank God it's Friday! Another week has passed and we have been working hard to organize our home using the technique I talked about it this post:  Simple Luxury.
We have also been making plans for Mother's Day. I'm so thankful for the joy my little ones bring, for the close family unit that we are and for all that motherhood has taught me.

Now for my five Friday favorites:

1. My lil Brobro's are coming next week. I am so looking forward to spending time with them. The three of us share a special bond. I’m so thankful for how close we are. They are a little crazy but so much fun!

2. This week we have been talking about managing emotions using REED. We have been dealing with a lot of emotions over the past few weeks. Moving from our home has brought out some unexpected sadness when leaving our familiar, beloved (though small) home. One way I teach my children about how to handle their emotions is to use the acrostic REED which helps to Recognize the emotions, Examine them, Express them and Decide to leave it in the Lord's hand and trust Him. You can read more about this here: REED

3. Chocolate Brownie Bars
I am trying to up my protein intake and I have fallen in love with these bars. They have dark chocolate chunks in them and are a completely clean protein bar. I usually have one as an afternoon snack and then another half of one after dinner because they are just delicious to me now. They contain absolutely no sugar but satisfy my sweet tooth w stevia. I highly recommend the chocolate almond brownie flavor as the others are nice but these are delicious.
4. Little Readers.
Well, maybe not so little anymore...

I let the kids pick out books for their book reports during the month of May. Our Classical Conversations Community has finished w our schooling for the year but we are doing some things outside of CC such as vocabulary, book reports and math. We use a computer program called Teaching Textbooks for math and Andrew Pudewa's spelling program which we absolutely LOVE! 

I let them choose any book they wanted for their May book report. I was pretty elated when my son chose the Hobbit. He has been spouting off wonderful information such as, "Hey, mom! Did you know Hobbits can't grow beards and they are shorter that dwarves?"

Emma chose Soul Surfer. Bethany Hamilton inspires Emma with her tenacious spirit and unwavering faith. I'm thankful Emma has such a strong, courageous woman to look up to.
Now that it's almost summer I like to use a setting spray to help my concealer stay put. The NYX setting spray provides a matte finish and helps my foundation last during the hot, humid Texas summer. Just a quick spritz after I apply my concealer and I am set for the day. 

That's it for today. I wrote a post about mood boosters for when you are feeling overwhelmed or down. If you are interested click here. I will be putting most of those to practice on this rainy day as I continue unpacking and organizing. We are so close to being completely settled!
Thank you for joining me for my 5 favorites today. Blessings to you this weekend. 
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family

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  1. Looking forward to summer and starting to make a list of books for my boys to read.

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