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Monday, March 4, 2019

5 Ways I am Detoxing & Cleansing This Week

I have been feeling the need to do a cleanse/detox lately. It is still cooooold here in Texas but my mind is on warmer temperatures and vacations we have planned so I want to condition my body for those things now. 

I have several items on my list this week that will help me cleanse and detox and I thought I'd share those with you so you can follow along as well...

1. Rebounder (mini-trampoline).
I have my rebounder (link to the one I bought on amazon) in a prominent spot in my home for this week and my goal is to jump on it several times throughout the day.
When you are jumping up and down on your mini-trampoline you will jar your lymphatic system and kick up toxins so be sure to drink plenty of water to flush them out. Sweating will also eliminate toxins. You can read more about why NASA deemed this the best form of exercise in this post

2. Flushing my system by adding juice to my water.
Cran Water: 10 oz. pure cranberry juice in 30 oz of water
Lemon Water: 1 TBSP fresh squeezed lemon juice in 8 oz. of water
Chlorophyll: 2 TBSP. liquid chlorophyll in 16 oz. of water 
I am not a fan of drinking plain water but I find if I add juice to my water I am more apt to drink it, especially if there are added benefits.

I LOVE cranberry water and I go into how cranberries actually flush toxins out of fat cells thus reducing the appearance of cellulite in this post as part of a series I did in 2015. I STILL love cran-water and believe it reduces the appearance of cellulite. It has to be PURE cranberry juice, NOT cranberry juice cocktail. 
I also enjoy warm lemon water in the morning. Again, back in 2015 I talked about the importance of lemon water or apple cider vinegar in this post.  I love how clean I feel when I start my mornings this way. This will also kick up toxins and jar my lymphatic system so I'm anticipating some skin impurities while my system is being flushed out. This happens often when I start drinking the lemon water. I will post later this week on the cleansing products I use to combat these types of breakouts. I am so excited about the vibrant energy I get with the warm lemon water.
Last, I will add Liquid ChlorophylI prefer the mint flavor. Read more benefits in this post.

3. Magnesium Supplement
I have Magnesium Citrate which I take at night. 
Magnesium is very calming and is a good sleep aid and relaxant. It also helps w indigestion and bowel issues. The magnesium helps pull the water into your colon and detox your intestines which brings me to my next cleansing agent...

4. Psyllium Husks
I usually mix mine with almond milk and drink it quickly. Be sure to follow up with plenty of water. I have heard it is like have a gentle scrubber inside your intestines and the husks help get rid of unwanted toxic build up in that area.

5. Probiotics.
I'll be eating probiotics such as raw sauerkraut (I get the central market brand from HEB), yogurt and drinking kombucha and water kefir. Research has shown that probiotics boost your metabolism and burn fat. whoop whoop!

I was going to try the fasting thing but my body just isn't ready for that yet. I was starving by 7a.m. ha! I may add green smoothies and fasting in the morning next week but for now I am implementing these 5 items into my daily routine.

Thank you for reading! Praying blessings for you today.
Grace & Peace,
Adoring Family

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