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Friday, February 8, 2019

Tips For a Gentle Morning Routine.

Today I have prepared a few simple tips to help you create a gentle morning routine. These tips are easy to incorporate and do not require much time. I prefer to wake up between five and five thirty which is a discipline that develops into a habit rather quickly. Look for a post next week on how I developed that habit in an easy and pleasant way.

Quiet Time: 
The first thing I do every morning is read at least one chapter from the Bible. I will then write in my prayer journal and write out 10 things I am thankful for. My kids understand that mommy is spending time with The Lord and they respect that. Sometimes they ask me to read to them and I do. Most important, is that they see me devote time first thing in the morning to the Lord. If more is caught than taught, then this is something I hope they catch. It is important for me to devote this time, first thing, to The Lord because I know that I am worthless without him. I know His mercies are new every morning and I run to the dawn most days. 

I often incorporate this quick routine into my morning before anyone else is awake. There are days this cannot happen so if I find my day has been too busy I will sneak in a few moves here and there. I will do the leg routine that I introduced in this post while chopping veggies, doing dishes or brushing teeth. Sometimes I will take my kids for a walk and do 100 lunges. Do some counter push-ups while your coffee brews. Just find time to sneak in a few moves to get your body moving and remind yourself that you are alive! It is invigorating therefore make it a priority.

5 minute make-up:

I implement a five minute make-up routine that makes me feel put together. I have a small make-up bag that I carry in my purse. I am not a beauty guru and I do not like to use a lot of products. I simply use concealer and a lipstick that doubles as a blush, some eye-liner, mascara and a dab of eye shadow. Keep it simple and it will be a quick and easy task that you don't mind doing on a daily basis. People ask me often how I have time to look put together and my answer is to have a simple make-up routine.

Keep your space tidy: 
I have quick, yet simple cleaning ritual to start my day feeling dignified and peaceful. I love to spray my counters, wipe them and make sure my kitchen sink is shining using cleaning products that are gentle yet delight the senses as I mentioned in this post. I also enjoy lighting my favorite candle, (I love Velvet Woods, by Yankee) as a symbol of completion. I also like to but some refreshing and calming bergamot (I have purchased this one and this one) in my diffuser. It is so satisfying to have my candle illuminating my clean smelling kitchen and ready to start our home schooling day. 

Preparing nourishing food: 
Set aside an extra ten minutes to have a clean and quiet breakfast. You will enjoy slicing berries and scrambling an egg or preparing a hearty bowl of oatmeal in your sparkling kitchen. Sit down and savor your food. Try not to always eat on the go. You will appreciate the ten to fifteen minute break. Don't look at your phone or anything else. Simply enjoy the sound of silence and the empty space you've created. Pause and reflect on your blessings. You will be so much more ready to face the day with grace when you start out your morning in this relaxed and calm way. 

Play quiet, soothing music:
 I mentioned how much I love Josh Garrels in this post. I also enjoy Chopin and often start my day with these relaxing piano melodies. I like to stretch and breath deeply and I literally count my blessings during this time. I find that if I can name the things I am thankful for I then appreciate them more and I live a life of thanks-living. 

A gentle morning routine will help you create an atmosphere of peace for your family. When your family walks into your kitchen that is clean and inviting, candles flickering, soft melodies in the background, it can bring pleasure that will energize and inspire them to face their day with joy and peace.  

Thank you for reading.
Grace & Peace,
Adoring Family
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