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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Balance Body Chemistry With Liquid Chlorophyll

It is no secret that leafy greens aid your body in becoming more alkaline. Sometimes it can be difficult to feel you are in taking enough fresh greens to kick start your alkaline quest. In order to up my intake we have a refreshing tip for you today. Liquid Chlorophyll. 

To consume this supplement we simply add a tablespoon to a glass of water. It has become one of our favorite healthy rituals. It is a refreshing drink that does not have any odd aftertaste. Simply delicious and fresh. I even have my children enjoying this in our warm, caffeine free "White Chocolate Mint Mocha". I simply whip up this delicious recipe and replace the mint extract with a tablespoon of mint liquid chlorophyll. It will turn the drink a beautiful bright green color which absolutely delights my children. They also love the mint flavor and I enjoy the benefit of adding a healthy supplement to their diet!

Here is a little secret I have discovered as a result of my daily intake of liquid chlorophyll, when you consume liquid chlorophyll it is a natural deodorizer. Fresher breath, underarm aromas and other areas become more pleasant. Try it for a week and you will notice a tremendous difference! Amazon: Organic Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the life blood of plants. It is full of antioxidents, vitamins and helps with cell regeneration so it is naturally anti-aging. Chlorophyll is also an anticarcinogen (prevents cancer), blood detoxifier and it is a skin brightener which I will be sharing more skin brightening tips tommorow at so be sure to check that out! I notice a difference right away when I am consuming chlorophyll on a daily basis.

We hope you enjoy this simple tip on greening up your diet! 
Grace and peace,
Adoring Family

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