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Monday, January 7, 2019

Quick, Easy Way to Take Down Christmas Decorations

I took down my Christmas decor a few days ago and felt this post may come too late for others however, I actually know several people who have yet to tackle this feat. Here are 6 easy steps to inspire you to get that accomplished in less than an hour. I timed myself and it took me exactly ONE HOUR! I felt amazing and my husband was delighted & impressed!
I asked my kinds who this is (Noah) and my son said, Gandalf. Ha! Don't know if I should be ashamed or proud...

1. Time yourself. This will keep you focused and prevent you from getting distracted. If I don't time myself I find it easy to wonder off and start on something else. I don't know, adult ADD maybe? Anyway, this is most helpful to me. 

2. Clear a few large spaces such as tables or couches as a central locations for all Christmas decorations.

3. Grab all of your Christmas totes and boxes and set them next to your central location that you just prepared.
4. Go through your entire home and grab every Christmas decoration you have and put it in the central location we talked about above. I found this only took me ten minutes! I had a Christmas snow village set up and various Christmas items in windows, bathrooms and kitchen. Knowing I didn't have to pack anything but just clear and move to a central location allowed me to breeze through my house and not have to think or make decisions about where to put items.
5. The tree. Seemingly the most daunting act of removing Christmas decor but this can be a quick and painless process. Get a pack of tissue paper or a used newspaper and lay them one a large surface. I usually grab a box and go for all the non-breakable ones first. It is encouraging to see the tree becoming sparse which is done in a flash because you aren't concerned about breaking anything. Next I begin taking all of the breakable ornaments and placing them on the tissue paper until, at last, the tree is empty! I do leave the empty tree for my husband to put in the box so he can feel he contributed ;)
6. The last step is to put everything away. I like to pretend I am working retail and packing things as quickly as possible so I don't sit and reminisce when looking at items and putting them away. I just wrap and pack and move onto the next item. I start with the largest items and and pack them away first, Then I go for the ornaments. The tissue paper I laid out before is helpful in wrapping my ornaments and putting away. I also have extra tissue paper on hand. Wrap. Wrap. Wrap and put them in your boxes.
That's it! You did it! Now set your packed boxes near the attic and give your home a quick sweep with a broom and if you are so inclined, go ahead and dust. You should be feeling awesome, accomplished and ready to face the new year.

Do you dread taking down your Christmas decorations as much as I do? It seems such a daunting task but really, it isn't as hard as I make it out to be. I am writing this today to remind myself that it isn't truly as bad as I think it is :D Maybe next year when I am feeling the dread again I can look back at this post and remember just how simple and quick it can be. Hope this helps you!

Grace and peace,
Adoring Family

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