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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Creating A Schedule That Works

 As a new mom I was forever on a quest for the perfect schedule. I would find a routine that worked well for us but I would expect it to last and I was disappointed when things changed and we couldn't stick to our schedule. I always thought, "What am I doing wrong?"
So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

 I have come to the realization throughout my short stint in motherhood that schedules are forever changing. What works for us during one season may not work for us the next. I strive to remain flexible and understand that my schedule changes as my children change. I now feel freedom as I understand that different seasons require different scheduling and I make adjustments accordingly. 

We use a combination of  block scheduling  where we know certain things are done during certain blocks of time along with a detailed schedule to make sure certain tasks are accomplished daily:
Block Scheduling helps me to know where we should be during certain times a day and helps me schedule playdates or run errands. With our "block schedule"
I always know when to start breakfast, how long school will be and to insure we are staying on task. I know school is generally complete by two and can schedule playdates or big projects after that.
5am-8:30 morning routine and breakfast
9-2 school
2 projects or social time
5-7 dinner prep, eat and clean up
7-9 baths and evening routine

For the more detailed schedule, I like to create on my computer so I can save old ones and see what has worked and also create new one that are color coded and can be easily changed if needed. I like that I can see where each person is supposed to be during each block of time and creating my schedule in this way allows me to see who is doing what and where I am needed the most.

I love color coded schedules!
I tweak our schedule every few months by evaluating what works and nixing what doesn't. I am a list person as we determined in this post. My lists serve as reminders or in this case help me designate items to a certain time in my day. I like to list out the most important items that must be completed and then I list the things I would like to accomplish but are not necessary. I will generally plug these into time slots and, viola, a schedule is born!
Sometimes it takes a few weeks to try something new and see of it works for us. I keep my updated schedule in my planner (yes, I am a dinosaur and I like to actually write things out in a traditional planner :D). I also keep it on my iPhone and computer. It helps to have reminders of where I am supposed to be during my day so I add alarms for certain occasions such as piano and art lessons.
We use a combination of  block scheduling  where we know certain things are done during certain blocks of time along with a detailed schedule to make sure certain tasks 

I like how a detailed schedule helps the kids to know where they should be, what they should be working on and keeps them accountable to their dad as well. I have this written on our chalkboard so the kids can check it off. It helps them feel accomplished and helps me to know they are working diligently throughout the day when they are working independently.
The block schedule helps me explain to others what they can expect from us during set times each day and why we aren't available until after two.

We can get off track easily but at least it gives us something to shoot for. The most important part of my day is the early morning routine. I NEED to spend that time with the Lord and give Him my day. I want my children to wake up and come into our living room to see their momma praying and reading God's Word. I want them to know The Lord comes first and that if we commit our days to Him, He will empower us to achieve success.

I hope these two examples of scheduling and seeing how we combine them is helpful to you. Remember not to get discouraged when things get in the way of your schedule. Just do the next thing and move on. If you find something is constantly getting in the way of a set activity it may be time to evaluate that activity and find another spot in your schedule. Thank you for reading.

Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it.
Psalm 37:5

Grace and peace.
Adoring Family

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