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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Toned in Ten Day 9: Limit Dairy

Today's post is day nine of my ten day series, Ten Ways to Tone Up in Ten Days. The focus is to strengthen our arms and get our postpartum abs back in shape. If you missed the first eight posts, visit Day 1:Rebounding, Day 2: Cran-Water, Day 3:Weight TrainingDay 4: No Sugar, Day 5: Psyllium HusksDay 6: Raw Carrot for midmorning snack and Day 7: Two a Days and my flat-tummy-after-baby-ab-workout, and Day 8: Savory Green Smoothie. Today we will discuss why we limit dairy during the ten day tone up.

Our family hopes you get lots of kisses for Valentine's Day!

Ah the great dairy debate. There are varying opinions as to why you should or shouldn't consume dairy. Some say dairy is superior to milk substitutes because of the protein content while some think milk products should be avoided altogether. Others consider pasteurized milk to be a dead liquid devoid of any beneficial nutrients and that organic, raw milk is best. Our family camps out in the middle somewhere. My husband had a milk allergy as a child so we are cautious with the amount of milk we allow our children to consume. We use cheese in moderation but freely use grass fed butter, organic cream cheese and yogurt. I do thoroughly enjoy brie', chèvre, feta and camembert but admittedly experience digestive issues when I indulge in these too frequently.

During Toned in Ten we avoid most forms of milk because of the lactose. Lactose is actually a form of sugar and we are supposed to be avoiding sugar during this time. We do consume yogurt because the lactose in yogurt is minimized due to the live cultures that are introduced which feed on these sugars.

Another reason to avoid dairy during this time is because the lactose in milk may cause inflammation, heartburn, acne and constipation. I have found that when I limit my dairy intake my digestive issues and skin clear up. One of the goals during this ten day period is to flush toxins from our bodies but if dairy products are clogging up your digestive system this would hinder the desired result. If you suffer from any of the above try limiting your dairy and see if your symptoms improve. I'd be interested in your thoughts on dairy. Does your family abstain? Why or why not?

Please join me tomorrow for our last day of Toned in Ten as I share why we enjoy an apple cider vinegar drink every evening :)

Grace and peace,
Adoring Family

Ten Ways to Tone Up in Ten Days

Remember to discuss these things with your physician if you are starting a new exercise/diet program :)

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