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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Grace For This Season

Hello everyone! We hope you are well. I have mentioned our family's endeavor which has kept us well occupied for the past several weeks. As a result I have not had time to devote to our family blog. I will disclose our family project next week but for now I know you understand that I will need all of my extra time to focus on my precious little ones. 

The purpose of this blog has been to chronicle our family's journey and leave my children with a piece of their mother. I have enjoyed the friendships with other mommy bloggers but I also have noticed a trend. Just like motherhood, blogging seems to evoke a sense of guilt. If we cannot get a post published I see mommas apologizing profusely. Explanations are nice but apologies are not nessecary when you have a family to raise. We all understand sick kiddos happen, laundry piles up, homework needs to be addressed and family projects take precedence. I hope you will receive grace during this blessed yet busy season.

I will continue to update this blog but my presence will be less prevelant as I focus my efforts and strength on my family and our undertaking. 
Joyful blessings to all of you.
Grace and peace,
Adoring Family 

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