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Friday, May 17, 2019

5 Friday Favorites

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a fantastic week!  Thank you for joining me today for my Five Friday Favorites.
This week has been a week of growth in many ways. We are stretching ourselves and finding we can do things we never thought we could. We are also watching our oldest grow into a young lady. My favorites this week are mostly centered around that...

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

1. My first favorite is the book  Do Hard Things. It is inspiring to know that we CAN do hard things if we just raise the standard and really push ourselves. This book was written by two brothers (twins) who were in their teens when they wrote it.
This book will encourage you and your teen to break the mold of what society thinks they are capable of and rebel against low expectations of teens. My teen girl is AWESOME and inspiration to me. She can do anything she puts her mind to. I want her to do HARD things.

2. My second favorite is the song, Church Clap. My daughter LOVES this song and we’ve been playing it on repeat all week. It’s A LOT but super fun and a great way to let loose w your kid. 

3. Bonding w my kids through prayer at night.
Every night at bedtime I pray for my kids, one-on-one. I ask them , how can I pray for you tonight? Are you struggling in any area? I am amazed at how my teenage daughter opens up to me every night before bed. I have started to plan for extra time because it is clear to me that she is enjoying the fellowship between us and the closeness we are developing during this time. All of my little ones enjoy it and we have had some great conversations. It has become a special event we look forward to every evening.

4. Getting my director's license for CC!
Next year my daughter will be moving up to the next level of Classical Conversations (our homeschooling community/ curriculum). I will be directing the Challenge A program for our campus. It is going to be a fulfilling year! The circle below gives you an idea of the six strands or subjects she will be studying.
Catchesis Updated 2019_CH A
Challenge A according to the CC website,
"Students are introduced to the robust work of the Challenge program as they encounter the joys and challenges of this discussion-charged Challenge A program.

It is a mix of grammar and dialectic materials as well as an introduction to basic rhetorical skills.

This fulfilling program prepares students for the later Challenges by serving as a bridge between the parent-directed elementary level and a more self-directed stage of learning."

Ok, y'all may judge me here and that's fine. I'm just tryin' to live my best life w clean laundry...If you only knew my other dirty little laundry secrets ha! I'm going to come up with a post for that someday but for  now I'm just going to say that six people in one house including a teenage daughter, baseball playing son and two young girls makes for a TON of laundry. There are days that I just want to catch up so I don't even bother to separate the colors, I just throw these in the wash and they literally collect every bit of loose dye so my clothes stay brighter and truer to the original purchase color. I can catch up quick when I use this laundry trick and they are worth every penny!
In case you missed my 3 posts this week, I will leave the links and excerpts below.

I feel a sense of urgency now that my children are getting older. I need to get it right! I feel like the first part of motherhood has been learning, a sort of trial and error period but now is the time for me to implement the knowledge I have acquired. No more mess ups. No "do overs". This is it. I want to leave a legacy. What do I want them to remember about their childhood? About their momma and daddy? Their home? 

 If you are having trouble getting a daily workout in, try taking 90 seconds six times per day, perform these 3 simple moves and see if you notice a difference in your physical condition in 90 days.

I talked with you about goal setting and a 90 Day Sprint in this post. 
90 days. This time period is the key. Anybody can do anything for 30 days. What usually happens after 30 days, what I have done time and time again, is that people will see results after 30 days and then get bored and try to switch things up. Do NOT do this. Stick to your plan. 90 days is a great amount of time for you to see serious results. Stick with it and you WILL be successful.

I was focusing a lot on my personal fitness this past month. I hadn't had much time to devote to it this past year and I could feel it in my body and low energy. I have noticed a tremendous difference in my energy and strength.

I hope these posts give you inspiration and motivation. 
Thank you for reading. 
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family

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  1. That Church Clap is catchy! I really like it! Thanks for sharing! I love the idea of praying with your children. We kind of have a set prayer we use for our young daughter, but our older one could really benefit from praying around a certain thing!