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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Fitness: Find What Works and Stick With It!

This post is for the future me... the one who gets discouraged at the lack of time and motivation to work out. DON"T TRY TO FIT IT ALL IN AT ONCE! There are different seasons of life and what works for you in once season may not work for you in another. I used to be diligent about setting time to work out, especially when I was teaching fitness classes. It was my job to work out uninterrupted. During this crazy time of building our rental business there just hasn't been that luxury of large blocks of time anymore. I have found that trying to get a full workout in all at once is daunting and not something I look forward to. I would try and fail often because halfway through I’d be interrupted w a need to that has to be filled right then. Some people can leave for the gym but that’s just not a viable option for me during this season. I also enjoy my quiet time in the morning and don’t want to use all of it working out. BUT I’m seeing results using the Minimum Effective Dose and doing my rebounder exercises (found here) in small spurts throughout the day. I’m still sore so I know I’m building muscle and it’s visible. The cellulite appearance is gone already, after only three weeks. I’m thrilled and I’m keeping it up. I have been consistently doing the workout described in my Vacation Workout/ MED post found here for three weeks.I always keep my 90 second spurts of exercise in my day. I ESPECIALLY keep the squats/wall extensions/ standing crunches routine before meals and aim for and hour and half after.If I can just do these exercises 4-6 times per day I will see amazing results in only three weeks. It’s truly effective and it seems to take no time at all. Sounds to good to be true but I’m seeing the proof and I’m only 21 days into my 90 Day Sprint.

Some things I’ve noticed:
It must be at least 25-30 exercises each.  I notice that if I tried to quit after 17 I push myself and say just a few more and when I hit that 25 goal I literally start to appear flushed and feel the burn.

I’m sleeping like a baby. Well not a baby that wakes up every two hours😆 that’s how I was sleeping before! I now experience a deeper, more relaxed sleep and if I am somehow wakened I can quickly fall right back to sleep.

My digestive system is working properly. Because I am drinking the cran-water or the liquid chlorophyll add ed to my water, I am certain to get the proper amount of water for my daily needs. Exercise also keeps things moving and this has been an area I’ve really struggled w in the past so I’m grateful for the improvement.

My monkey mind is easier to tame. Have you heard of the monkey mind? It’s when your brain gets fixated on a thought and runs away with it like a crazy monkey. 🐒  when I get these thoughts I use the method I talked about HERE. I also find that I can run to a private place  and do my little vacation workout routine and 90 seconds later emerge with a clearer mind and a lest desperate outlook on the situation.

Obviously I am noticing an increase in muscle mass and decrease in cellulite.

I have less joint pain! This is one of my favorites.

There are a few other benefits and one of them involves and increased amount of energy.

I’m just grateful to have found something simple that works so well for me.It’s really proven effective, and enjoyable. I can push through and do 30 squats if I know that’s it for the moment. I can easily make myself to 30 tricep extensions and I can even switch it up as long as I'm doing 90 second worth of exercises. I hope to share this with those of you who don’t look forward to one workout per day and encourage you to try this method.

Thank you for reading.
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family


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