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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Favorite Amazon Beauty Products

I love learning about new products from all of you so I thought I'd share a few  of my absolute favorite beauty products from Amazon. These are my go-to products that I've tested and fallen in love with. I am confident you will love them as well.

1. Cat Walk Tigi Root Boost
This product truly is worth it's weight in gold! It gives my hair the most amazing volume I've ever had. My hair used to fall flat quickly but this makes it look thick and bouncy, like you just got a blowout. I love it! 

2. Rimmel Accelerator Mascara Endless Extreme

I've been using this product since 2017 and I truly believe it works. This mascara contains castor oil which is said to thicken hair and lashes. It also makes you lashes look longer and thicker with just the application of the mascara. I love the formula, its not thick or flaky and it separates and elongates my lashes. Highly recommend this!

3. Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer Makeup in Medium

I have been using this concealer for 6 years and I still love it. As a busy momma of four, I use this as a base and don't bother with foundations. I mentioned in this post that I just lightly swipe this over my face and blend it in. It is a brightening product and gives amazing coverage without looking cakey. It's anti-aging and non-comedogenic. Obviously it's a fav as I've tried other items but always return to this one.

4. It's a 10 miracle leave in product 

This product has changed my hair tremendously. I used to have the frizzy,  Texas humidity hair but this calms and smooths it down. They key to using this is to spray it in while you hair is still WET. Brush it through and you will see amazing results. I also use this in my girls' hair as a detangler. It smells amazing! I do use this product to freshen up my style after I use the dry shampoo but using it wet is my preference. I have also used It's a 10 for Blondes. It has a purple tint to it which helps prevent your hair from turning brassy. The fragrance on this one is different from the original (love it as well). The blonde formula reminds me of the Heavenly perfume which is a very feminine and clean fragrance that my husband loves. Both are amazing and help me achieve a sleek, silky look.

5. Batiste Dry Shampoo Beautiful Brunette

What can I say about how much I love dry shampoo that you probably don't already know? I love this formula for brunettes even though I'm not really a brunette but something about the regular dry shampoo seems to dull my hair and leave white spots. This particular one does not do that and it is a wonderful scent! I really love the fragrance. Amazon has a great price and I have this one on my subscribe and save delivery so I never run out.

6.Glycolix Elite Glycolic Acid Pads 20% 

These pads are THE BEST. I have been using these pads for four years now and they are my number one, cannot live without, skincare product. They have 20% glycolic acid in each pad that you do not have to rinse off. I cannot tell you enough how these pads brighten and clear my skin. These pads minimize my pores and fine lines. I use these in the morning before I pat my vitamin C serum into my skin. They can be a bit pricey but I have cut these in half and the work just as well. Trust me, they are worth double the price for the anti-aging benefits alone.

I hope you enjoy getting a peek into some of my favorite finds. If you try them, I hope you love these products as much as I do!

Thank you for reading!
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My 5:30 am Morning Routine

Hi guys! Earlier this month I shared Peaceful Ways to to Train Yourself to Wake Up Early and Tips for a Gentle Morning Routine. Here is a closer look at my 5:30 am morning routine:
Photo credit: Thelma ;)
1. Wake up at 5:30 am. Absolutely NO snooze buttons! When I hear that alarm go off I like to start my day by committing my day to the Lord and asking Him to enable me to glorify Him in all I do. Then I quietly roll out of bed (I don't want to wake anyone before I've had my coffee).

2. I pour a cup of coffee and add a scoop of collagen (more on why I drink that in a later post) and snuggle in my chair with my coffee, a cozy blanket and my morning basket. My morning basket contains pens, my journal, my planner, my Bible, a note card set & stamps. Gramma (the sweet lady I talked about in this post) use to have baskets by her chair that contained note cards, stamps, devotions, Bibles and journals. She would write encouraging notes to people during her morning prayer time. This is a habit I would like to pick up this year. People don't hand write notes much anymore. It is a beautiful, lost art. During this time I will read or listen to my three chapters of the Bible, two in the old and one in the new. I then do my prayer journal. I hope to write a note to someone at this time if the Lord lays it on my heart. I then go to my planner and look at what I have going on that day and write down my goals in my planner. I find if I write them down they are more likely to happen.

3. My husband is usually up at six and ready to head out the door but first we usually enjoy a cup of coffee together (sometimes he's running late and has to drink his coffee on the go). I like to have some quiet worship music going at this time while I make sure his lunch is ready before sending him out the door with a kiss and a squeeze.

4. Lately I have been sleeping in my workout clothes (comfy and convenient). I do a quick workout using my rebounder (this routine) and lately I have been adding 50 to 100 kettle swings using 15 lb weights.

5. By this time I am starving and I'll make a couple of eggs or eat sprouted bread toast with peanut butter. I enjoy sitting quietly while eating and reflecting on my blessings.

6. Now its time to freshen up, using my glycolix that I mentioned in this post & my vitamin c serum from Amazon. I do quick 5 minute makeup routine and get dressed for the day.

7. I then make my bed. It takes three minutes but feels so great to see a beautiful and tidy bedroom!

8. Now I can sit and have some me time. I usually write a blog post or research house items to purchase for our new build. I will do this until its time to wake the kiddos and start breakfast.

When I start my day in this way I feel such a sense of satisfaction and peace. It is my time to recharge my battery and do what I want to do. My cup is overflowing so I can joyfully pour into others. I can align myself with the will of God and face the day with a sense of accomplishment.
Thank you for reading. I am praying this encourages you to seek what your best morning routine would be.
Grace & Peace,
Adoring Family
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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Peaceful Ways to Train Yourself to Wake Up Early

I absolutely love waking up early. I previously considered myself a night owl but I am now a morning person through and through. When I used to sleep until 9:00 am every day, I knew waking up early was something I wanted to do but somehow I just couldn't be consistent. The tips below are how I trained my body to wake up early and even enjoyed the process. My gentle morning routine brings me joy, peace and comfort. I love waking up before the sun rises. I love how quiet the earth is. I love the tranquil and quiet moments before anyone else is up for the day.

1. Create a gentle morning ritual you love and look forward to. Some of my favorite things are the things I consume or do in the morning:
Create a Worship playlist. I have a playlist that I put on first thing in the morning. When I am laying in bed I think of myself in the kitchen listening to this worship music and pouring my first cup of coffee. It's enough to spur me on and get me out of my cozy bed.
Devotion: I like to read through at least one chapter from the Bible every day.
Prayer journal: I usually write down 5-10 things I am thankful for each day. I will dedicate my day to the Lord and make sure my heart is aligned w His.  I then have a list of requests I will go over. I commit my day to the Lord and plan out my day.
I enjoy a short workout once I've had my devotion and my coffee. I usually will do this workout or some variation of the cardio interval training.
Then I have a little more me time which usually consists of whatever I am interested in at the moment.

2. Start by waking up 15 minutes earlier. If you wake up at 7:30 then set your alarm for 7:15. Do that for one week and then move it back to 7:00. Keep moving back your time in 15 minute increments for one week at a time until you are at your desired time. Once you are at your desired wake time, tell yourself you will try this for 2 weeks and be consistent to wake up at that time. Keep telling yourself that it will get easier and eventually you will reset your body's natural rhythm. I find that if I tell myself I only have to get through this for two weeks I can create the habits I need to make this a natural rhythm for most things in my life.

3. Do not hit snooze ever again. Tell yourself you are gong to wake up at that time and then wake up at that time! It helps knowing the groggy feeling will go away. Why prolong the inevitable? You know you want to wake up early, why are you hitting that snooze button? The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak so don't let your flesh win. Beat your body and make it a slave. Just do the thing. Get up. You'll thank me later.

4. Tell yourself you love mornings and cannot wait to wake up early. When you speak these things to yourself, out loud your subconscious mind will listen. You will find that within a matter of months you will be telling everyone how much you love your early mornings and that 5am is your favorite time of day. Say it, write it and think it! You will be affirming your decision to wake early to your subconscious mind and it won't take long for your body to follow.

5. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep so you will have no excuse to want to go back to sleep.
I aim for 7 hours of sleep every night. If I am getting up between 5-5:30 am then I need to go to bed between 10-10:30 pm. If I know I am getting plenty of rest then it is easier for me to say no to my desire to sleep late. There are days when I still feel sleepy but if I make myself bounce out of bed and walk to the coffee pot, I am usually fully awake within in minutes.

6. My final tip is to pray about it. Seek the Lord about waking up early. Write it in your prayer journal and commit your ways to Him. When you go to bed at night, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you wake up in the morning. When you wake up in the morning, ask for the strength and the will to get out of bed. 

If your desire is to wake up earlier then please know I am praying for you as I write this. I am praying if God leads you to this post that you will find help here and that God will equip you to meet this goal in your life. Thank you for reading.
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How to Find Your Spark When You're Unmotivated and Exhausted

How to Find Your Spark When You're Unmotivated and Exhausted

There are days when I am so overwhelmed I just sit and stare at my surroundings completely unsure of what I should do first and wondering where I will get the energy to begin. I was having one of these moments yesterday. Just so many things floating around in my head that I knew I needed to do but didn't have any idea where to start. I used these 4 simple tips to get the ball rolling and put me on a path for a satisfyingly productive day. 

1. Write down what you need to do, put an estimated amount of time per task and prioritize. It helps me put my to-do list into perspective when I see the amount of items I need to do with an amount of time that each task will take.  Writing things down helps me see what needs attention immediately and what can be designated for a day when I am not so exhausted. I like to prioritize my list and then take the easiest, quickest, yet most pressing item to do and tackle it first. I feel great when I start checking things off my list and I feel less overwhelmed when I can lay everything out for me to see.
Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5

2. Awaken your senses with mint. To get me out of a slump yesterday I took a quick bath and used lots of mint infused products. I suggest you use mint shampoo and conditioner, or mint body scrub.  Try a few drops of mint essential oil in your bath water, use mint in your diffuser, chew mint gum, use mint cleaning spray or drink some mint flavored liquid chlorophyll. Mint is an invigorating scent which energizes, improves alertness and even eases anxiety. I like to dab a little behind my ears and on my temples & wrists. 

3. Make your bed. I try to do this first thing in the morning but I am almost always the first one out of bed so I wait until my husband goes to work. Making the bed takes three minutes but gives a sense of accomplishment and peace. Make sure you love how beautiful your bed looks when you have it made the way you like it. I find adding just four decorative pillows gives my bed a cozy and inviting look. It can be nice to have the extra support to sit and read with the extra pillow support. A few extra throw pillows are also an inexpensive way to change your decor with having to do something drastic.
4. Do one thing. I find that if I can just muster up the strength to do one thing I will build a little momentum and then I can focus on the next thing. And then the next and then the next and before you know it you are completing your to-do list! My one thing is usually spraying my counters down. I love to spray my counters down w Mrs. Meyers cleaning spray because the smell just makes me happy. That one act usually spurs on another but even if it does not, at least I gave clean and clear counters. When my kids see me spraying down the counters they are mentally prepared for when I ask them for help. It could be something as simple as asking them to put three dishes each in the dishwasher or to fold all the blankets and straighten the pillows on the couch. Usually if we can just get the ball rolling then speed and momentum build and in ten minutes we have our space tidied and feel a sense of satisfaction.

I have been so overwhelmed and exhausted after our church's Disciple Now weekend and running all over town to buy supplies for our new build. Not to mention taking care of the kids, homeschooling, keeping the home clean and trying to keep up with the laundry while our dryer is broken. It has been one thing after another around here and I am barely keeping up. Through, prayer, wisdom and strength from the Lord I am managing and these four tips have been helpful in keeping me on task and providing encouragement.

Thank you for reading. Praying you found some inspiration and motivation here today. 
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family

Creative Muster

Monday, February 11, 2019

Three Brilliant Ways to Brighten Your Complexion

Hey guys, here is a post I shared over at Fluster BusterThree ways to brighten your complexion that have I have tested and fallen in love with. 

1.Glycolix Elite Glycolic Acid Pads 20% My number one, go to skin care brightener  is glycolic acid. I have been using Glycolix Elite 20% pads for four years now and they are my favorite, cannot live without, skincare product. They have 20% glycolic acid in each pad and the best part is that you swipe them over your face and you do not have to rinse the product off like you do with other glycolic acid products. I cannot tell you enough how these pads brighten and clear my skin. These pads minimize my pores, fine lines and feel so refreshing. I use these in the morning before I pat my vitamin C serum into my skin. They can be a bit pricey but I sometimes cut these in half and they work just as well. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to test it out in an inconspicuous spot to make sure they do not irritate your skin. You should also try using them every other day until you are sure your skin has adjusted to them. Also, don't use around the sensitive eye area. Try them, I am confident you will see an improvement in your skin.
You will be surprised at how quickly you notice a difference in the texture and tone of your skin when you consume liquid chlorophyll. I enjoy a refreshing, large glass of water with a tablespoon of mint flavored chlorophyll. It's quite invigorating. I also enjoy a savory green smoothie like I created in this recipe. Its very similar to drinking a creamy V8. This shake is a satisfying pick-me-up in the afternoon that also contains avocado which gives me a burst of energy and satiates me until dinner.  Chlorophyll is the life blood of plants. It is full of antioxidents, vitamins and helps with cell regeneration so it is naturally anti-aging. Chlorophyll is also an anticarcinogen (prevents cancer), blood detoxifier and it is said to eliminate body odor. I notice a difference right away when I am consuming chlorophyll on a daily basis.
I have been using this concealer for 6 years and I still love it. As a busy momma of four, I use this as a base and don't bother with foundations. I just lightly swipe this over my face and blend it in. It is a brightening product and gives amazing coverage without looking cakey. It's anti-aging and non-comedogenic. Obviously it's a favorite as I've tried other items but always return to this one. 
This was an errand day for us and I literally just swiped this concealer over my face and threw on a coat of mascara and some lip color and was out the door in ten minutes.That's another reason I love this brightening concealer is the ease of use and how it just melts into my skin.  I hope you find these tips valuable and give them a try. You will be amazed at how quickly you are able to achieve  brighter, clearer skin just from adding these three products to your beauty routine! Next month I will share my frugal tips on how I get my eyelashes to grow long and thick. Thank you for reading. 
Grace & Peace,
Adoring Family

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Tips For a Gentle Morning Routine.

Today I have prepared a few simple tips to help you create a gentle morning routine. These tips are easy to incorporate and do not require much time. I prefer to wake up between five and five thirty which is a discipline that develops into a habit rather quickly. Look for a post next week on how I developed that habit in an easy and pleasant way.

Quiet Time: 
The first thing I do every morning is read at least one chapter from the Bible. I will then write in my prayer journal and write out 10 things I am thankful for. My kids understand that mommy is spending time with The Lord and they respect that. Sometimes they ask me to read to them and I do. Most important, is that they see me devote time first thing in the morning to the Lord. If more is caught than taught, then this is something I hope they catch. It is important for me to devote this time, first thing, to The Lord because I know that I am worthless without him. I know His mercies are new every morning and I run to the dawn most days. 

I often incorporate this quick routine into my morning before anyone else is awake. There are days this cannot happen so if I find my day has been too busy I will sneak in a few moves here and there. I will do the leg routine that I introduced in this post while chopping veggies, doing dishes or brushing teeth. Sometimes I will take my kids for a walk and do 100 lunges. Do some counter push-ups while your coffee brews. Just find time to sneak in a few moves to get your body moving and remind yourself that you are alive! It is invigorating therefore make it a priority.

5 minute make-up:

I implement a five minute make-up routine that makes me feel put together. I have a small make-up bag that I carry in my purse. I am not a beauty guru and I do not like to use a lot of products. I simply use concealer and a lipstick that doubles as a blush, some eye-liner, mascara and a dab of eye shadow. Keep it simple and it will be a quick and easy task that you don't mind doing on a daily basis. People ask me often how I have time to look put together and my answer is to have a simple make-up routine.

Keep your space tidy: 
I have quick, yet simple cleaning ritual to start my day feeling dignified and peaceful. I love to spray my counters, wipe them and make sure my kitchen sink is shining using cleaning products that are gentle yet delight the senses as I mentioned in this post. I also enjoy lighting my favorite candle, (I love Velvet Woods, by Yankee) as a symbol of completion. I also like to but some refreshing and calming bergamot (I have purchased this one and this one) in my diffuser. It is so satisfying to have my candle illuminating my clean smelling kitchen and ready to start our home schooling day. 

Preparing nourishing food: 
Set aside an extra ten minutes to have a clean and quiet breakfast. You will enjoy slicing berries and scrambling an egg or preparing a hearty bowl of oatmeal in your sparkling kitchen. Sit down and savor your food. Try not to always eat on the go. You will appreciate the ten to fifteen minute break. Don't look at your phone or anything else. Simply enjoy the sound of silence and the empty space you've created. Pause and reflect on your blessings. You will be so much more ready to face the day with grace when you start out your morning in this relaxed and calm way. 

Play quiet, soothing music:
 I mentioned how much I love Josh Garrels in this post. I also enjoy Chopin and often start my day with these relaxing piano melodies. I like to stretch and breath deeply and I literally count my blessings during this time. I find that if I can name the things I am thankful for I then appreciate them more and I live a life of thanks-living. 

A gentle morning routine will help you create an atmosphere of peace for your family. When your family walks into your kitchen that is clean and inviting, candles flickering, soft melodies in the background, it can bring pleasure that will energize and inspire them to face their day with joy and peace.  

Thank you for reading.
Grace & Peace,
Adoring Family
Creative Muster
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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Balance Body Chemistry With Liquid Chlorophyll

It is no secret that leafy greens aid your body in becoming more alkaline. Sometimes it can be difficult to feel you are in taking enough fresh greens to kick start your alkaline quest. In order to up my intake we have a refreshing tip for you today. Liquid Chlorophyll. 

To consume this supplement we simply add a tablespoon to a glass of water. It has become one of our favorite healthy rituals. It is a refreshing drink that does not have any odd aftertaste. Simply delicious and fresh. I even have my children enjoying this in our warm, caffeine free "White Chocolate Mint Mocha". I simply whip up this delicious recipe and replace the mint extract with a tablespoon of mint liquid chlorophyll. It will turn the drink a beautiful bright green color which absolutely delights my children. They also love the mint flavor and I enjoy the benefit of adding a healthy supplement to their diet!

Here is a little secret I have discovered as a result of my daily intake of liquid chlorophyll, when you consume liquid chlorophyll it is a natural deodorizer. Fresher breath, underarm aromas and other areas become more pleasant. Try it for a week and you will notice a tremendous difference! Amazon: Organic Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the life blood of plants. It is full of antioxidents, vitamins and helps with cell regeneration so it is naturally anti-aging. Chlorophyll is also an anticarcinogen (prevents cancer), blood detoxifier and it is a skin brightener which I will be sharing more skin brightening tips tommorow at so be sure to check that out! I notice a difference right away when I am consuming chlorophyll on a daily basis.

We hope you enjoy this simple tip on greening up your diet! 
Grace and peace,
Adoring Family

Monday, February 4, 2019

Help! Ideas For When You Need to Clean but Feel Overwhelmed

As I mentioned in this post, I have felt like a hopeless case when it comes to cleaning and organization. I have tried and failed COUNTLESS times! But as long as I live and breathe, I know God can redeem that and He makes all things beautiful in His time. If we ask for anything according to God's will we can know that we have what we ask of Him. I have full faith that it is His will for me to be an organized keeper of my home so lately I have been thanking Him in advance for the what I know He is going to do in our lives. 

By the grace of God and much prayer (God, what do I do first?) I am on the path to a clutter free, peaceful home that I love!

Here are 5 tips on how I did it:
1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race.
As I have started on this journey I have found myself getting easily overwhelmed. The good news is,  more I declutter the easier it seems. I have found that getting rid of the majority of the mess first seems to help and then I will organize items into like objects to go through and purge at another time. For example, when decluttering my bedroom I separated the clothing into a certain section, the books in our home also went into one section and all of the paper clutter into another. Yes y'all, it was that bad. I had two piles of clothing in my room that just accumulated over time as well as stacks of books and little stacks of paper clutter. Absolutely not peaceful and very difficult to relax in this environment. I have been taking one small task per day which usually feels so easy and manageable that I feel inspired to move onto the category.

2. Begin With the End in Mind: As I mentioned in this post, I like to picture the way I want my space to look. This helps me visualize what needs to stay and what needs to go. An example of this is the desk I use as a nightstand next to my side of the bed. For about two years I have used the space the chair would normally fit into as a storage for books and our printer. When I was decluttering yesterday I realized how much this does NOT bring me joy. It is absolutely not peaceful in a any way to me and the last thing I want to be looking at before I close my eyes at night. I decided to remove the books and the printer and replace it with chair that was made for the desk. I feel such a sense of delight now when I wake up and see my orderly area. I just cannot tell you the difference it has made. I feel like this space is my own again and almost even a little spoiled in a way :D

3. Make it Relaxing and Fun:
Play inspirational cleaning videos or music that energizes you. Sometimes I will listen to a podcast or  sermon but when I am decluttering I usually find the videos of people decluttering on YouTube the most inspirational. I like to make sure my home is clean and have a diffuser going with some lemon and bergamot to really awaken my senses. When I smell the fresh and clean smells coming out of my diffuser it serves as a reminder of why I am doing this in the first place. I want a fresh and clean environment for my family and for myself.

4. Have a PERMANENT Giveaway Bin:
I have a permanent bin in my home that is available to keep items that I know I do not use anymore but I feel someone in my life might benefit from. A permanent bin is useful so that when you find something that you know does not spark joy or is no longer useful to you can easily place it in your giveaway bin. If you have room for two bins that would be better because you can put the things you know someone in your life will use in one bin and another bin for a children's home or the Salvation Army. I would rather give to someone I know is in need than to have it wasting away in my home just because I think I may need it someday.

5. Slow Cooker meals! You will want to plan several days of crock pot meals. I have a triple pot slow cooker like this one. I can make full meals in these and they can cook or stay warm all day so that I don't have to worry about making a mess in the kitchen while I am decluttering. I will link a full post on this Wednesday for a weeks worth of slow cooker meals. Twice this week I was so focused on decluttering that when it was dinner time I was scrambling for a quick meal to miraculously create in thirty minutes. I made my quick spaghetti and meatballs one night and the next night I made my Dad's easy chili. Hallelujah, I had the ingredients on hand and thawed out so I was able to accomplish that those two nights!!

I want to bless my family with a peaceful home that is a safe haven to them. I want them to be proud of their home and never be afraid to have a friend drop by at a moments notice.
If you have felt discouraged or even hopeless when it comes to keeping up with your home, I hope this post offers some encouragement and inspiration.  
Grace and peace,
Adoring Family
Creative Muster

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Savory Green Smoothie Recipe

Today's post is day eight of my ten day series, Ten Ways to Tone Up in Ten Days. The focus is to strengthen our arms and get our postpartum abs back in shape. If you missed the first six posts, visit Day 1:Rebounding, Day 2: Cran-Water, Day 3:Weight TrainingDay 4: No Sugar, Day 5: Psyllium Husks, Day 6: Raw Carrot For Mid Morning Snack and Day 7: Two a Days and my flat-tummy-after-baby-ab-workout. Today I will share my Savory Green Smoothie recipe with you.

Why a savory smoothie? When we started the Maker's Diet and we were going through the detox phase we could not have certain fruits like bananas due to the high sugar content. The idea here is to kill off any candida or other parasites that might feed off sugar in our bodies. I was accustomed to my daily green smoothies at this point and didn't know how to function without my bananas! I adapted of course and concocted this savory version with tomato juice. I find it quite palatable and hope you enjoy it as well!

Adoring Creations Savory Green Smoothie
2 cups organic tomato juice
1 cup water
Two handfuls of organic spinach
2 celery stalks
1 clove of garlic
1/2 an avacodo
1 jalapeño (omit or half this ingredient if you are not a fan of spicy foods)
Dash of pink Himalayan crystal salt

Blend until smooth. I usually start out pulsing the blender a few times and eventually put it on high and let it go until everything is smooth. This makes a thick, creamy and savory smoothie to share or bottle up for later.

A savory green smoothie is a great option if you find your activity is suddenly limited due to injury or bed rest. Because your body is not expending the energy it is used to you might want to lower your sugar intake. A savory green smoothie is a great way to get the nutrients your body craves without all of the sugar from the fruit.
Please join me tomorrow as we discuss limiting dairy intake.

Here is the full series:

10. Warm Lemon water or Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

Thank you for reading!
Grace and peace,
Adoring Family

Grace and peace,

Adoring Family

Ten Ways to Tone Up in Ten Days


Remember to discuss these things with your physician if you are starting a new exercise/diet program :)