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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

90 Day Sprint : Fitness

I talked with you about goal setting and a 90 Day Sprint in this post. 

90 days. This time period is the key. Anybody can do anything for 30 days. What usually happens after 30 days, what I have done time and time again, is that people will see results after 30 days and then get bored and try to switch things up. Do NOT do this. Stick to your plan. 90 days is a great amount of time for you to see serious results. Stick with it and you WILL be successful.

Here is one more example of one area I'm focusing on below during my 90 day sprint...

Where am I now in the area of fitness?

I've been implementing these 5 fitness rituals and now I'm feeling great, I have increased energy and no more joint pain!  Hallelujah! Now I'm ready to build muscle.

Fitness goal: Build muscle.
What’s the baseline? Where am I now? Admittedly, I'm pretty weak and my calves have seen better days. I will be taking measurements and posting results after 90 days. 

What’s the criteria for success? I'm trying to be relentlessly realistic about what my body is capable of within 90 days. I believe it is an attainable goal to see muscle definition and build at least one inch of muscle.

Success plan:
Rebounding (read more about rebounding here)  90 seconds x 3 every day
90 seconds of squats and pushups before meals and 90 seconds of squats and pushups 90 minutes after meals. This is a proven fat loss method that I will expound upon in a later post.

Leg routine  2 x wk Monday and Thursday Barre Routine here.
Arm routine 2 x wk on Tuesday and Friday Routine found here.
Ab routine   3 x wk  Monday, Wednesday & Friday Routine here.

Macros: high protein diet to feed muscle. I use the free Macros calculator on
Feeding your muscles plenty of protein is essential to building. The rest days are just as essential for muscle growth as muscles are repaired and built during this time.

Supplements are essential. These are my two must haves.

Cran Water. Y'all know I'm obsessed w cran-water as mentioned here.

This may seem extreme or it may seem like not enough. For me, it is exactly what I believe my body needs to see  intense results in 90 days.

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."-- Conrad Hilton

I hope this information helps you in your pursuit of success today. Thank you for reading.

Grace & peace,

Adoring Family

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