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Monday, September 16, 2019

California Roll in a Bowl

3 reasons why this meal is my new fav...
1. My entire family loves it and gobbles it up!
2. It's so super easy & quick.
3. It's actually healthy!

Here is how to make a California Roll in a Bowl in three easy steps:

1. Dump frozen (wild caught), peeled shrimp in a pot on the stove.

2. Pour your microwaveable brown rice on top of the shrimp. I buy the microwaveable packs even though I do not microwave because it is precooked and super quick. Bring both to a boil and let cook until shrimp is done.

3. Cut up a peeled cucumber and an avocado & serve!

That is IT!
I like to serve it up in a bowl with some soy sauce and wasabi. So delicious. So easy. So healthy!!!


Try it, I think you will love it. 

Grace & peace,
Adoring Family

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