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Sunday, March 31, 2019

🎯 Take Immediate Action🎯

When you set your goals the single MOST important thing is to do something IMMEDIATELY to take action. It’s imperative for you to do something immediately so you automatically feel accomplished and that you’re moving toward your goals.
🎯 🎯 Target 🎯 🎯
You must write down your goals. When you write your goals, your brain has something focus on, something to target for and when you immediately take action, it’s a motivating victory and your brain says 🧠 “Hey, we doin’ this!” 💪🏼

I mentioned in this post how encouraging it is to see my written goals from 2017 being fulfilled today! 

If you want to create a difference for yourself in the future then you will have to think differently than you did in the past. Set big goals. Do not put limits on yourself. Think of the person you want to be and start making decisions as if you are already that person. That is the only way you will become that person. Think like you ARE her and then you will make the decisions like she would which is the key to becoming her. 

My brother (who is now a doctor👏) says, “You know, it sounds cliché but it’s true...when you shoot for the moon you land among the stars.” Dream big, write it down and then go hard until you reach your goal.

I had a close friend ask me recently what that would look like for her goal to lose weight. 
My example is if you want to work out twice a day then as soon as you finish writing down your goals, work out. Just do it. There’s a reason that is a slogan for a fitness company. If you’re writing down your goals to lose weight, next immediately write down your food plan and then make a shopping list for the foods you will eat (or just order those foods online for delivery like I).You need to write out your plan every day for the next seven days and just stick to it, do not eat anything that is not on the plan.

I have a written plan of what I will eat this week and have purchased healthy snacks to be sure I am pressing on toward my fitness goals.
Health is important to me and if I am going to stay healthy during this insanely busy season then it won't happen by accident. I plan for it.
Focus on 5-7 days and it will give you enough momentum to see results and stay on track from there. 

That brings me to my next idea and that is set a deadline. Tasks will expand to the time you allow for them. Trust me when I say this is absolutely true for us. We never set a time frame for our home to be finished but once I said, hey, let's shoot for two weeks. We took action that day, we now have a goal to shoot for (Lord, please let it be next Friday). Believe it in your mind, believe that it is possible and you will reprogram your brain. Revisit that goal every single day.

Speaking of which, it is time for me to hit it hard, y'all!
Thank you for reading.
Grace & peace,


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