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Friday, July 26, 2019

Five Friday Favorites Anti Aging Edition

Hello everyone, today I want to share my Five Friday Favorites Anti Aging Edition.

I am focusing on antiaging products that are a must for my beauty regimen. I have been using these products since my mid thirties and have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. 
The use of a daily exfoliator, microneedling, glycolic acid and red light therapy are what I believe have slowed down the aging process of my skin dramatically. I am using in my current skincare routine below as well but my cleansers and moisturizers do change. I like the kaolin clay cleanser but I sometimes use the Acne Free Cleanser when I am nearing my monthly cycle as it prevents monthly breakouts. I also use Retin-A but switch to something less potent in the summer months, the Roc for sensitive skin has less retinol than the regular formula.

This is a small jar but a little goes a long way. I LOVE this mask as a cleanser. It tones my skin as well reduces pore visibility.  I usually wet my skin and spread a small layer of this cleanser on and let it sit for a minute or two while I'm brushing my teeth, I then use my Mia Clarasonic to remove it.

This clarasonic does an AMAZING job cleansing and exfoliating my skin. I have tried the knock-off brands and they do not compare nor do they work. Save yourself the money and just go for the Clarasonic when you can. There is something superior about the sonic technology with the exfoliating brush.

 I have been using Glycolix Elite 20% pads for four years now and they are my favorite, cannot live without, skincare product. You do not have to rinse the product off like you do with other glycolic acid products. I cannot tell you enough how these pads brighten and clear my skin. These pads minimize my pores, fine lines and feel so refreshing. They can be a bit pricey but I sometimes cut these in half and they work just as well. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to test it out in an inconspicuous spot to make sure they do not irritate your skin. You should also try using them every other day until you are sure your skin has adjusted to them. Also, don't use around the sensitive eye area. Try them, I am confident you will see an improvement in your skin.

This is a handy little tool that I believe to be a vital part of my skincare routine. Microneedling actually promotes collagen production in your skin by creating tiny little punctures in your skin. Your body then sends extra collagen to heal those little puncture wounds which reduces the appearance of scarring, stretchmarks or wrinkles. It doesn't hurt but it may feel a little uncomfortable when you use your microneedler for the first few times. Just apply gentle pressure and then continue to increase pressure each day.

5. RoC

 As I said, I use a variety of moisturizers but I like RoC as an over the counter retinol treatment. I prefer a lower percentage of retinol for the summer use as it makes my skin less sensitive to the sun. 

And here is my bonus favorite that will dramatically improve the texture of your skin in just two weeks:

NASA uses red light therapy because wounds do not heal as quickly in space as they do on earth. Red light stimulates collagen production causing the wounds to heal quicker. It is effective in pain reduction for cancer patients. Red Light Therapy helps with the production of collagen as well, speeds the healing process and reduces pain. Red Light Therapy has proven to be effective I like to use this in combination with my microneedler. I have noticed an great improvement in the smoothness of my skin since using this combination. 

As I said earlier, my cleansers vary and my moisturizers vary but the tools I use and the glycolic acid are a staple in my skincare routine. I hope my research and trial will help you with your antiaging skincare routine. Thank you for reading. 
Grace & Peace, 
Adoring Family
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  1. ROC is my favorite too. I love these. Happy Friday beautiful!

  2. I need to dig out my clarasonic out too - I LOVE how clean my face is after using one!!!

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