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Friday, June 14, 2019

The 6 Habits That Will Keep Your House Clean

I am so inspired by this video! I know it to be true, I have used Fly Lady's system in the past and there is peace in routine. Since we've moved into our new house I have really struggled to get into a routine again! I'm VERY excited at the home we have created and all the decluttering we have accomplished but I need to get into some cleaning routines again.

 I love what this lady says and the 6 things she does every day:

1. Make your bed.

 I'm like this lady, we only have ONE decorative pillow now and its so easy and quick to make my bed it literally takes 30 seconds and it feels so good and looks so pretty and clean.

2. Get dressed to the shoes.

Great tip here and I absolutely agree. I like to be dressed and ready for the day, feeling confident and presentable.

3. Empty dishwasher.

This is actually something my children do. I am the one that loads the dishwasher but the kids will empty so that when we are making dirty dishes during the day we can give them a quick rinse and out them in the dishwasher. We definitely use enough dishes every day to wash a load a day.

4. Do one load of laundry per day.

I LOVE my laundry room so much and I am thankful my husband insisted on a big laundry room. I can wash and fold a load quickly and peacefully and I actually enjoy the space so it is a pleasant experience. At least for now, ha!

5. Start the dishwasher at night.

 We always have a full dishwasher so this is pretty much a given for us.

6. Shine your sink. 

She's right, a clean shiny sink is a great way to go to sleep feeling like you have a clean home. I love to clean my sink! I enjoy my Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli scented dish soap and put it on my walnut scrubber sponge and scrub away. It's so satisfying to spray the bubbles off and reveal a beautiful, gleaming sink.

The one thing I would add to this list is a "ten minute tidy" where I set a timer and tell the kids we are going to tidy up for ten minutes. We just go around the house putting things in their proper place. It makes a huge difference, especially when everyone is involved!

I'm going to be doing the method she mentions in the video below as soon as I publish this post!

I hope you find some cleaning inspiration here! Thank you for reading.

Grace & peace,

Adoring Family


  1. My house will never pass a white glove test and I'm okay with that. I'd rather it seem livable. My husband and I just purchased our first home less than a month ago and I've been tidying it up everyday so no mess gets too big. I need to make the habit of making my bed more often.