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Thursday, April 4, 2019

THIS WORKS: 7 Health Hacks plus 20 Snack Ideas

I'm writing this post for my future self. I always appreciate looking back over my blog and my previous routines to be reminded of what works.


My joints already feel better after only a week, I have increased energy and I am much less bloated. This plan is not for everyone and sometimes I am hesitant to share these things but I want to share with others what I find helpful. I genuinely FEEL wonderful when I am following this plan and I don't when I'm not. Feel free to take some of these ideas and adapt them to your own plan. 

1.Intermittent Fasting:
I recently decided to try the intermittent fasting as I have heard it can be so good for your body to have a break from digesting food. During this break from digestion, your body can get to cell repair which detoxes and is an antiaging tactic. I have decided not to eat until 10 o’clock. It’s been difficult but anything worth doing will be.  I’m doing it most days but sometimes I cave at 9. Eventually my body will get used to it.  I do drink bullet proof coffee (coffee w coconut oil & grass fed butter whipped in). It is so creamy and delicious and curbs the hunger. I also plan exactly what I’m going to eat at 10 o’clock. Yogurt mixed with berries & sunflower seeds plus a slice of 90 second keto bread w a little nut butter on top (recipe coming soon).

2.Plan for healthy lunches and snack: Something I’ve been doing to make sure I stick to healthy eating during this MASSIVE action plan to finish our house now is I’ve been making soup in my crockpot and putting a lot of veggies in and lots of chicken (chicken stock recipe coming soon) so I always have some tasty, healthy food available during lunch. I carry the Garden of Life Protein bars w me for an afternoon snack and I hope to eat a high protein salad for dinner. I still eat raw carrots as a midmorning snack to balance my hormones as I wrote about in this post but I add a little hummus for an extra boost of protein. I do have  handful of other snacks that I eat throughout the day failure to plan is a plan to fail.

3.Eat Natural:
I am trying to eat only these foods and close to their natural state, 
Olive, grape seed, coconut oil and butter
It has been difficult at times but I have been feeling absolutely amazing so its worth the sacrifice! Simplicity works.

I have taken Catalyst by Advocare and let me tell you, they work. BUT I find them to be incredibly pricey compared to what I can get from Amazon. I get the same products for half the price. They last me a lot longer than the one bottle of Catalyst. Remember, this is MY regimen so it may differ from yours but I have found the combination of these supplements to work well for me. I usually take these before each meal and will  eventually taper off to once a day. 
Here's what I take and why they work:
"Our BCAA formula boosts your natural protein synthesis to maintain your lean muscle mass while burning fat. The basic equation for this is: 
Muscle mass = rate of protein synthesis - rate of protein breakdown 
Therefore the higher your protein synthesis, the higher your lean muscle mass, strength and fitness. Simple."
-Raw Barrel

NOW Foods L-Glutamine 1,000 Milligram, 120 Capsules

Promotes Cell detoxification and improves metabolism.
"Glutamine is considered to be a conditionally essential amino acid, which means that under certain circumstances, the body may require more Glutamine than it can produce. In the body, Glutamine functions as a major nitrogen transporter and is critical for the maintenance of healthy nitrogen balance. Glutamine also acts as the primary fuel for the rapidly growing cells of the immune system and GI tract."
-NOW Foods  
When I am taking these supplements I notice a dramatic difference in the way my body burns fat as well as improved muscle tone.

I am also continuing these three: 

5. Rebounder

6. Knee Saving Workout

7. Cran Water

as I have written about in this post,

Healthy snack ideas (full recipes coming soon):

1. Deviled Eggs
2. Carrots and hummus
3.Fuego cucumbers 
4. Turkey Roll Ups 

5.Protein Balls 

7. Garden of Life Bars

8. Bowl of Berries w homemade whipped cream

9. Celery w sun butter (ants on a log style)10.Homemade Trail mix

11.Roasted Broccoli or Cauliflower

12. Kale chips

13. Bell Pepper nachos

14.Stuffed mushrooms
15. Stuffed jalapenos
16.Peppers n hummus
17.Chia seed pudding
18. Banana slices w nut butter
19. Zucchini and plain yogurt seasoned w sriracha and garlic salt
20. Beanitos w guacamole or salsa 
Hope this gives you some inspiration for your healthy endeavors. Thank you for reading. 
Grace & peace, 
Adoring Family


  1. I also have been doing intermittent fasting usually all week except for Saturdays (our family breakfast time!) and feel much better when I do! Thanks for the snack ideas! Been trying to eat less sugar, less dairy and more natural foods. I have slimmed down some and generally feel pretty well. I have noticed more headaches lately but not sure if related to diet or weather.

  2. I hope your headaches go away. Sometimes magnesium can help w headaches. You can take a supplement or try soaking in an Epsom salt bath.

    thank you for stopping by! more snack ideas and recipes coming soon :)

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