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Friday, April 12, 2019

🙌5 Friday Favorites🙌

Hello everyone, I hope you had an amazing week. We have some wonderful news...we are moving into our house today!  We hope to be finished with all of the big items this weekend. We are only moving across the street so moving everything should be fairly simple. 

Now onto my five Friday favorites... 

1.Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This is one of the 8 ways to eliminate PMS symptoms that I wrote about in this post.

I have found these 8 things help me greatly minimize bloating, cramps, and PMS induced anxiety. 

2.Songbird by Josh Garrels. 

I enjoy lighting candles and listening to quiet music while cooking dinner. This song is perfect to listen to during calm, cool Spring nights.

💕We were blessed with tickets to see Josh Garrels last May. He is my favorite. 

3.Today is moving day!! 🎉

Actually, the kids started moving all of their toys and clothes yesterday after their tutor went over school with them. I was on the hunt for curtains. I went to 8 different stores but none of them had what I was looking for or if they did have the ones I like they didn't have the right length. Looks like I'll have to order them online. My moving goal today is the kitchen, the bathrooms and all of our clothing. When my husband gets home from work he will work on appliances and big furniture. Feeling like the Israelites entering the Promiseland!!🙌

4.🙏🏼Prayers of friends

I am so grateful for the support and prayers from my friends. I have had many close friends praying for us this week. I had a decision to make and it may not have been a huge deal in the grand scheme of life and but I received the BEST advice..."You should consult your God in ALL things." So I did. 

 Hallelujah. 💛

5. Belly-fat-burning Coconut Oil

Hey, old friend, I'm so loving you lately and for so many reasons! If it weren't for coconut oil, I could  NOT do the intermittent fasting that I mention in this post. It keeps me satiated when I add it to my morning coffee. SO delicious! I have read, "Eat fat, lose fat." countless times but I'm starting to see it might be true based on my experience. Coconut oil is thermogenic. Thermogenic = increased energy expenditure (fat burning). Coconut Oil is comprised almost entirely of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which is metabolized more efficiently that other fats and stored less efficiently than other fats (who wants to store fat less efficiently 🙌). If you are a skeptic like I was, read about how it is proven in this peer study.

This is the Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil I have in my subscribe and save. It is the least expensive per ounce even before the subscribe and save but with the subscription it is a great value and ensures I never run out.😄👍

Well, this house isn't going to move itself! Better hop to it :)
Thank you all for reading.
Grace & peace,

Adoring Family

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