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Monday, April 8, 2019

Recipes For My Healthy Snacks

These recipes are meant to be simple and quick using the fewest ingredients possible. I find if I have a long list of ingredients the task of making my food appears too daunting and I'll opt for a less nutritious option. If I focus on a few simple ingredients and a quick process then I will be more apt to dive in and whip up something quick. 

Healthy snack ideas:

1. Deviled Eggs: 

3 boiled eggs sliced in half long ways, scoop out the yolks in a bowl and add chopped up jalapenos or pickles, mustard (whatever your desired consistency is, I prefer about 3 Tbsp.), garlic salt and pepper. Mix well then scoop mixture into egg slices. 

2. Carrots and hummus:

 I purchase my hummus from Sams or HEB . I eat a handful of carrots with the recommended serving of hummus. 

3.Fuego cucumbers: 

Sliced, peeled cucumbers (or keep the peel on if they are English cucumbers), juice of one lime, chopped cilantro, onions sliced thin, 1/2 C vinegar and garlic salt & pepper to taste. Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let marinate for a few hours.

4. Turkey Roll Ups: 

I love the Central Market Turkey meat spread w cream cheese and rolled up around a pickle spear or a green onion. you could use gouda or any cheese you like. 

5.Protein Balls:  

2 Tbsp. crunchy peanut butter, 2 Tbsp. Collagen Powder, 1/2 tsp. honey, 1/2 tsp. Mexican vanilla. Mix well and roll into balls. Enjoy immediately and in moderation. If you want to up the treat factor you can add a few dark chocolate chips.

6. Kind Bars

 The sea salt caramel and almond are my favorite.


7.Organic Fit Bars from Garden of Life

These bars are clean and delicious.

8. Bowl of berries w homemade whipped cream:

Simply take whipping cream and whip it up w your mixer. I do not add and sugar but it still tasted delicious on berries.

9. Celery w sun butter (ants on a log style): 

Wash a couple of celery stalks and fill with a Tbsp. (or two) of Sun Butter. Sun butter is an excellent alternative for those w nut allergies because it is made from the sunflower seed. It is so creamy and delicious that I actually prefer it to nut butters. My husband does as well and he is pretty picky when it comes to healthy food alternatives.

10.Homemade Trail mix:

Fill a large Ziploc bag w a cup of pecans, a cup of walnuts, a cup of almonds, a cup of craisins and a cup of dark chocolate chips. I add a few shakes of Himalayan crystal salt and zip the bag, shake until it is thoroughly mixed. Take half a cup of the mixture and place it into smaller bags. This gives me ten small bags of trail mix to enjoy.

11.Roasted Broccoli or Cauliflower:

I like to slice my broccoli or cauliflower very thin and place on a foil lined baking sheet. I give it a good drizzle w olive oil and mix it all around then spread the veggies out and shake garlic salt over them. Sometimes I add some parmesan cheesed sprinkled over the top. I will bake this at 375 for 40-45 minutes which gives them a nice, roasted crunch.

12. Kale chips:

For the kale chips, I take one bunch of kale, cut the stems off and place on a foil lined baking sheet. Drizzle with 1 Tbsp. olive oil,  1 Tbsp.lemon juice and Himalayan salt. Bake at 300 for 35 minutes.

13. Bell pepper nachos:

Slice and de-seed mini sweet peppers. Sprinkle shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, diced onions and taco meat all over. Bake at 375 for about 30 minutes. While they are baking chop up avocado. Top w Greek yogurt, avocado and salsa.

14.Stuffed mushrooms:

Stuff with 1/2 block melted cream cheese and 1/4 cup bacon bits, 1 tsp. minced garlic and 1/2 tsp. season salt. Place on a foil lined baking sheet and bake at 375 for about 30 minutes.

15. Stuffed jalapenos:

Slice fresh jalapenos in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. In a separate bowl combine 1 cup cheddar cheese, 1/4 cup bacon bits, 1 Tsp. minced garlic and 1/2 tsp. season salt. Stir together and stuff the jalapenos. Place on a fold lined baking sheet and bake at 375 for about 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and jalapenos are soft.

16.Peppers n hummus:

 Slice mini peppers in half and enjoy the same as the carrots n hummus.

17.Chia seed pudding:

I like Wellness Mama's recipes found here.

18. Banana slices w nut butter:

 Slice bananas and scoop on the serving size of any nut butter.

19. Zucchini and plain yogurt seasoned w sriracha and garlic salt:

 For this one, I slice raw zucchini into small thin spears and dip into Greek yogurt that I have mixed w Sriracha and garlic salt. Spicy & delicious. I pretty much need this gift pack, y'all. I'm obsessed w Sriracha. My Lil Brobro is as well...

20. Beanitos w guacamole, hummus or salsa 

I also like the black bean variety and have this item on my subscribe and save from Amazon which makes them cost less than my local grocer. 

I have a two more that I had forgotten about; I like to buy a bag of Skinny Pop popcorn and separate it into single serving size bags (about 2 cups each). I also like deer jerky that my husband makes and dried, smoked deer sausage that my dad and husband make every year.

I find these simple prep snacks to be tasty without being complicated or time consuming, Hope you enjoy!

Grace & peace,

Adoring Family

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