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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Gratitude and Doing Hard Things

We are building our second house since our move from our homestead that I talked about in this post, Adoring Homestead. We did this in order to be debt free, build several rental properties and in hope of replacing my husband's income. It has been a deeply challenging journey but I WILL fill you in soon. Promise :) For now, I am excited about our home and and would like to share a few photos with you.
Our first home we built and where we are currently living.
My husband and my dad did the majority of the work on our first home which we were able to build debt free! Because of the larger scale of our next home, we decided to hire a builder to help. They did the slab, all the framing, metal roof, sheetrock, tape & float. Today they will texture the walls and put up baseboards. The rest is up to us.

My husband did the plumbing, electrical work and air conditioning with the help of my dad and brother-in-law. We contracted the insulation ourselves. We will need to stain the floors, install & stain the cabinets (which I've already picked and paid for), find or build bathroom vanities, put up all the light fixtures, switches and plugs along with a plethora of little details. We are so close and the entire family is so ready!

They say it takes twice as long and twice as much to build a home than you originally plan for. We've found this to be true for our first home, which we are currently living in and will turn into a rental the day we move into our new home. We also have a wooden cabin being delivered this week to be used as another rental. It has been a blessing to see this dream come to fruition but it's been a long and sometimes painful process. I thought of the Israelites many time during this process and how they wandered in the desert all those years. I thought of how important a home is to a woman and wondered what it must have felt like having to move your home (tent) so often. 

This has been HARD but nothing worth doing is ever easy. I'm thankful that we will soon reap the abundant reward of a trying season of sowing.
Our home is absolutely a picture of God's mercy and grace. I drew this home to scale on graph paper and gave it to our builder who constructed this entire home from my drawing. That alone was a blessing, we didn't have to hire an architect. It is exactly what I wanted and the home design is based on the measurements I took of our Homestead House. This home is so immensely more beautiful than anything I pictured. When I walk into the cathedral ceilings I am in awe of God's kindness to us. 
Unto God be the glory. He has done exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think.
So close!

God has shown me so much during this process. 
"We are blessed beyond what we could ever dream in abundance or in need."
That line from this song echos in my mind as I think of our journey. More to come...

Grace and peace,
Adoring Family


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