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Friday, May 8, 2015

Five Friday Favorites

We hope you have had a wonderful week. Ours started off not so great with our little boy being sick but he is doing better now so we are all good!

1. One favorite this week is our garden! We have some beautiful fruits and veggies. Our zucchinis are already ready to eat :) Have I mentioned I love his time of year?

2. This is one of our favorite hens. Helen. She has been a mama so many times we have lost count. She is so sweet and always takes great care of her chicks. Press play to see her feeding her chicks.

3. Squash Blossoms
Here is a delicious recipe from Food Wishes. Chef John is an excellent presenter! Many of his recipes have graced our family table. We thoroughly enjoyed this one last night!

4. Fresh Mint Tea
I love grabbing a fistful of mint from our garden and brewing a refreshing kettle of mint tea. So refreshing and chock full of antioxidants and vitamins!
This boy's smile. So happy it is back. Thanking the Lord for His kindness in restoring his health this week!

Blessings to all of you this weekend!
Grace and peace,
Adoring Family


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