Friday, January 18, 2019

Best S'mores Ever

Campfires happen frequently around these parts so s'mores happen often as well. We have discovered a way to make the tastiest, gooey-ist s'mores ever! S'mores where the chocolate is melty, the marshmallow is roasted to perfection and the finished product is campfire dessert bliss.

You will need:
A campfire
graham crackers
large marshmallows
chocolate bars
A large flat rock
a large piece of foil

Cover the large, flat rock with the foil and place near the campfire. Place graham crackers which have been broken in half on the rock. Place two or three chocolate squares on the graham cracker pieces. Don't place the rock too close to the fire or you will burn the chocolate or graham cracker. Find a nice set of coals at the bottom of the campfire and roast your marshmallow over the coals instead of over the actual fire. The coals give off plenty of heat and are less erratic than the flames. Make sure you rotate the marshmallow and if your marshmallow starts to smoke you should move it quick or it will ignite. By the time you have your marshmallow nice and toasty your chocolate should be melted and you are ready to assemble your s'more. Simply place your marshmallow on the melted chocolate graham cracker and grab another graham cracker half and smoosh the yummy goodness together and slide your skewer out. Now enjoy your roasted homemade treat but be careful, it's hot!

We hope enjoy this confectionery concoction and most important that you create fond memories over the campfire.
Grace & Peace
Adoring Family

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