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Friday, November 8, 2019

🌷 Friday Faves🌷

Happy Friday to you! I am excited about our weekend. We are participating in an event called Set Apart. Our church youth group is putting it on for our students. It will focus on purity and keeping our Students minds and hearts pure until marriage.  We will meet at our church and split up into groups. At the end of the evening we will leave for our host homes. We will be hosting the boys so I am busy preparing snacks and baked goodies for them to enjoy. Lights out is at midnight so I am not quite sure how that will go for me since I turn into a pumpkin around 8:45...

We are looking at some pretty rings for my oldest daughter. She has a birthday coming up but this will be special. My husband will take her out, just the two of them to a nice restaurant and present this to her. Just a little reminder that is precious to us and we hope for her to be set apart.


1 &2 
So for my five Friday Favorites this week, I would say that the pillow and the rings are two o them. 

My sweet KK turned 5 this week so that is definitely another favorite. A little bittersweet as she will always be my baby but she is growing up so quickly. She was born grown-up though. 

I am excited to pick out our Christmas tree this year. We are looking at a 12 ft tree since we have a bigger space to fill this year. I found the best price on Amazon and of course you cannot beat free shipping to your door. I know it's early but I want to at least buy it so I can have it for the day after Thanksgiving which is when we put out tree up!

And this song just makes me happy so its number 5!

Gotta run y'all! So much baking to do. Blessings to all of you!
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family

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