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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

7 Ways to Burn Upper Body Fat

We all have our problem areas. For some it's their stomach or their thighs. An area I have struggled with all my life is my arms. I have found that combining the seven tips below FINALLY helped me combat this area, tone and tighten saggy arms, and leaves me comfortable enough to go sleeveless. 1. Do cardio in a fasted state.
Studies have shown that you will burn 20% more fat when exercising in a fasted state.
Peer study found here. Your body will pull fat from another area of your body into the muscles being used in order to fuel the muscle during a workout. When you are in a fasted state, your body has not choice but to use the fat stored in your body for fuel. YOU CAN SPOT TRAIN! This is so exciting. If you are in a fasted state, the muscle group you are moving during HIIT will create a thermic effect. This will pull fat from that area that you are working and put it into the muscles.

2. Upper body HIIT
You will burn more fat when doing upper body high intensity interval training because your heart has to pump harder in order to get blood to those extremities. If you are doing an exercise that requires you raising your arms over your head, even better! I do over head shoulder presses, skull crushers or jumping jacks. I have a lot of exercises that require my arms to be raised in my rebounder routines found here.
Peer Study

3. Train your triceps.
Tricep dips will be the most effective exercise for women to work their triceps. I also use a dumbbell and perform 3 sets of 12 skull crushers. Your triceps are the biggest muscle in your arms so you will be getting the most benefit of the fasted workout by training this muscle.

4.Combat Estrogen dominance.
Combat estrogen by consuming carrots as I mentioned in this post. Cruciferous veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower will block excess estrogen production. Excess estrogen causes women to store fat in their upper bodies so it is important that we keep these levels balanced. I like to have a few carrots as a mid-morning snack.
Peer Study

5. Close-grip push-ups 5-20 reps, multiple times per day.
By planting your hands close together beneath your chest, you are shifting greater emphasis to your triceps and deltoids. This is another effective exercise that works the large muscles groups in the upper body. I still do the exercises I told you about in this post before eating and 90 minutes after.

6. Keep thyroid levels in check.
An imbalanced thyroid can wreak havoc on a woman's fat loss. To balance thyroid levels, use iodine found in liquid chlorophyll. I like to add a Tbsp. to a glass of water for a refreshing drink. another important nutrient is selenium which is found in brazil nuts. Just three brazil nuts per day will give you the selenium you need to help balance your thyroid levels. 

7. Train your lats
The lats are a large muscle group and tie into the triceps. I like to use dumbbells and perform 20 lat rows per arm at a very fast pace. This gets my heart pumping and counts as a higher intensity movement so you can easily add it into a HIIT routine.

If you also struggle with the saggy arms, I hope you implement these seven tips and be consistent for 60 days. You WILL see results!

Grace & peace,
Adoring Family


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