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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Doing Hard Things: Challenge A

I cannot ask my children to do hard things if I am not willing to do them myself. 
I drew this map of Canada freehand in 15 minutes, it's not perfect but I wanted to demonstrate how Cartography helps you memorize!

We are starting a new adventure on our homeschool journey. Up until now it's simply been Classical Conversations Foundations & Essentials plus reading & math. I always said that once my oldest reached the Challenge years I would send her off to another teacher and let them teach these hard things to her. When the time finally came, I could see that would not be wise. For this first year of Challenge,  I knew that I needed to be going through the program with her if I was to fully understand what is required of her. 

I decided to direct the Challenge A program. It has been a challenge in so many ways. It has stretched me and it has been HARD. I am so thankful I read the book Do Hard Things that I have mentioned in previous posts. It really spurred me on and kept me in check. I have seen what I can do and now that I am on the other side, I am pretty proud of myself!

I am most proud of my daughter. She saw me do the hard thing and still pressing on. She knows I do this because I love her. The first week of school proved to be a bit of a stretch for her as well but I have seen something come alive in my daughter and I am ecstatic. She is now doing hard things.


The Challenge A program includes 
Latin (Grammar)
Math (Logic)
Exposition (Literature & Persuasive Writing)
Science (Research)
Cartography (Debate)

Emma is tracing & labeling for the first three days and will freehand the fourth day.

When delving into Latin and math, there were times when my daughter didn't understand something and would get frustrated. She would be hard on herself for not understanding. I would explain that she didn't learn how to swim on the first day. She will not learn Latin on the first day. I reminded her that she had to get in the water and she had floaties at first. Then we took the floaties off and began to show her basic moves, kick your legs, move your arms this way. Eventually she began to swim on her own. Now she is an expert and is teaching my youngest to swim. I told her that I believe if she will just show up, pray and do the work, God will give her understanding. It just takes diligence and determination. 

I was so impressed when she woke up early yesterday morning and said, mom, I'm showing up. I could cry just writing it now. She finished every strand. She worked hard, most of the time, independently. She is ready to do it again today!
I will expound upon our Challenge A experience later in the year. 
Thank you for stopping by and I hope this encourages you to do hard things today!

Grace and peace,
Adoring Family 

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