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Monday, April 15, 2019

Stitches for Braden

We made a little trip to the ER on Friday night. My poor adventurous boy was doing a back flip into a friend's pool and he hit his head on the side. He required 6 stitches. My heart melts within me every time I think what could have happened. My little boy is the sweetest, most loving child and I'm so grateful he is okay. He is actually doing really well and healing quickly.

It's that phone call you never want to get. My son was swimming at a friend's house and his friend's mom called to say Braden had been hurt but was okay however he probably needed stitches. I couldn't understand most of what the mom was saying when she called because she lives in the country like we do so her phone kept breaking up. I prayed the entire way to her house and the entire way to the er. My boy said he was fine and it didn't even hurt. But he couldn't see it. Ugh it was awful. I cringe at the thought. 

We were let in right away and I immediately asked for dissolvable sutures. I think originally the plan was to do staples but I didn't want my boy to have to deal endure that application or extraction. I told the dr I trusted his decision but asked for sutures. He was so kind and gladly did the stitches. Braden did ok through all of it and said his pain was a one on a scale of one to ten. As his mom, I could tell he was a little impatient and ready for everything to be over but he was a good boy and said yes sir every time he was asked a question. I was so impressed w how polite he was. He did get a little anxious when the doc pulled out the needle to prepare the scalp for the stitches. I bent down and prayed with him asking the Lord for strength and courage. He calmed down at that point. He didn't mind the needle and he didn't mind the stitches. The whole process was relatively painless for Braden. I talked with the dr most of the time about his family. The Dr. said, "You know, he did really well right after you prayed that prayer. There power in that."
Our Dr. was a believer. That was a blessing. 

We came home and you would have never known B had just gotten stitches. He felt so bad that all this happened during our big move and I told him not to even think of feeling bad. We are all just praising the Lord our boy is ok! 

I normally don't write about stuff like this but the Bible says, " Sing to Him, sing praise to Him. Tell of His wonderful acts."1 Chronicles 16:9 (that's from memory so punctuation is likely wrong and I may have missed a word or two). I am so thankful for the Lord watching over my son and that that terrible accident didn't end w a concussion or worse.  I am so grateful to have my sweet, precious boy. Times like these really make you count your blessings and consider what is important. 

Thank you for reading.
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family

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