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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Simple Luxury

To create a thing of beauty sometimes you need to take away instead of add to.

When we stay in our favorite VRBO located in Bourne, Tx we always marvel at how clean and functional this home is. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place. There is no clutter, no multiple items shoved into a drawer. Even the miscellaneous drawer is organized and tidy. The owner of the property lives in the house, it’s actually a luxurious bardominium turned wedding venue. I’ve asked her several times how she does what she does. How do you keep such a beautiful home? She has one storage closet that is locked and that is where she puts her personal belongings. She only buys the very best she can and keeps it minimal by only buying what she uses on a regular basis. She decorates minimally anwud tastefully and keeps only the functional and beautiful, only the best for her guests.

My goal is to set up home in this way. I am slowly doing the  Kon Mari method as I unpack. If it isn’t useful and if it doesn’t spark joy, I will not bring it into my home. If it isn't a sentimental item or if it isn’t something I would buy today then I will not bring it into my home. 

I hope it is clear when I say luxury that does not equate to expensive, I am referring to high quality and increased comfort. 

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow. James 1:17

Too many choices equals a sense of being overwhelmed. When I look into my cupboards I want to see a lot of empty space and only the very best of what I need. Less truly IS more. When I look into my drawer to find a cooking utensil, I want to see what I love and what serves a purpose. Anything more than what is useful is excess, clutter and a waste. It wastes my space and wastes my time. I’d rather wash my favorite spatulas and enjoy using them rather than dirty them up only to stick them into a dishwasher and then use the ones I don't like that take up extra space. That is a waste of all of my precious resources. Water, time, real estate and head space. There is peace in less. 

I have followed Carrie Simple's journey to simplicity on YouTube and I'm thankful to correspond with her on IG. She is a beautiful soul who desires to help others on their path to Simplicity. I love what Carrie had to say in this video. She said that she had a social engagement to attend and went into her a closet and couldn't find a thing to wear, instead of shopping for more clothes (which is what she wanted to do) she started taking things out her closet. She took out anything that didn't make her feel fabulous. This created a beautiful wardrobe that she felt good in. The fact that she created a wardrobe she loved by pairing down is such an inspiration to me!

I love the quote from Coco Chanel, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." If I ever feel like something is not quite right with an outfit, remove something...a necklace, scarf or bracelet etc... That usually does the trick. Chanel also says that if it isn't comfortable, it isn't luxury. I love surrounding myself with things that quiet my soul. When I look at my belongings I yearn to feel a quiet, peaceful joy. That is what brings me comfort and gives me a sense of luxury. 

Constraints can be positive. When I am bringing things into my home I have been putting my items into a pile and then saying, how can I simplify? What can I cut away from this? Do I need this or even want this? Does this bring me peace and quiet joy or does it add to the noise around me?

Limiting options is actually freeing. I find My children have enjoy playing in our new home immensely but they have yet to unpack their toys. Instead, they have been creative and drawing tea cups and making dishes with what they can find. It's been an incredibly liberating experience. I find great comfort in knowing they can be happy with less.

One of the wonderful things I have discovered during this long journey of camper life and small home living is that it takes very little to make me happy in life. I find that as long as I can have a good cup of coffee and some quiet time alone in the morning I can pretty much be happy anytime, anywhere. If I know my children are provided for, my husband is well rested, we are filled with joy and peace.

What are the things in life that quiet you soul? What brings you joy, comfort and peace? How can you surround yourself with those things and peacefully eliminate those which don't? 

Thank you for reading.

Grace & peace,

Adoring Family