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Friday, February 7, 2020

❤️5 Friday Favs❤️

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful week! I cannot believe it’s Friday already but I’m here for it! Thank you for reading my post, I have a simple list of favorites this week. 

1. Andrea Nine is absolutely my number one fav this week. I hope you are feeling better, sweet friend. You don't know how much you mean to me. This sweet lady is kind, loving genuine and has taken me under her wing and shown so much love and wisdom with me. She knows I have had kind of a rough month and she went out of her way to send me a beautiful box full of goodies! She Knows how to make someone feel special and loved. She sent messages just to check on me! She is a gem and I am so grateful I have her in my life!!! Check her out at

2. The YouVersion Bible App is my second fav. I am sure you have heard of this app by now. I love it because there are a variety of reading plans for all ages. My daughter found one she loves and I have been doing one with my friend, Jess for quite a while. We usually finish one and stat a new one. I am grateful l to have the opportunity to do studies with friends. I have loved many of the plans I found and I also love how you can keep track of your days in the Bible studies. It is an excellent tool and I highly recommend you check it out!

3. Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick, Matte Longwear Lipstick Makeup, Lead The Way. I LOVE this lip color! Everything about this lipstick is wonderful to me. From the natural smell and feel, the staying power and the color! I am a fan. It is on my subscribe and save and my daughter is already trying to steal it from me. It gives you a lip color that is moisturizing yet long lasting. This color is natural yet bold. I really am happy with it and wear it on a daily basis. It's under $7 or $6 of you do subscribe and save. Can't beat that!

4. New Mercies every morning. I am always grateful for a new day, a new chance to do my best.  I will struggle one day and try as hard as I can, but if I fall, I get back up and try again. I know my kids will not have a perfect momma but they will have one that tries to give her best every day and that loves them will every fiber of her being. Some
days it can look different than others. Some days I feel I can improve so the next day I will wake up, ask the Lord for help, wisdom, strength, and the will to do His will. Then I thank Him for His grace and mercy and start that day fresh. 

5. Last favorite today is kinda something I’ve taken for granted. My dishwasher! My DW has been broken since Christmas and wow, we go though a LOT dishes! It was under warranty but I had trouble getting the repair scheduled. It was finally repaired yesterday and let me tell you, I could not be more thankful to have a dishwasher again!!! Side note: always run your hot water before you start your dishwasher to keep it performing at it’s peak. 

That’s about all I have today. We have another busy day that I will share more about next week but for now I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Thank you for stopping by!  
Grace & Peace,
Adoring Family

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  1. Just adore you girlfriend! Was super happy to bring you some smiles. I adore that picture of you and the girls and I’m so glad you had a great week! May your weekend be super sweet!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, thank you sweet friend! What an honor! ❤️

  3. What a sweet gift that Andrea sent! Our dishwasher is on the fritz and we really need to get a new one, but I'm holing off as long as possible! Have a great weekend!

    1. I always run vinegar through mine when that starts happening. Hope that helps you! Blessings to you this week!

  4. What a very nice gesture from Andrea Nine! I love reading her blog.

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