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Friday, January 3, 2020

🎊5 Organizing Favorites & 5 Goals for 2020🎊

Happy Friday to you! So excited to have been back on my blogging streak for a full year. I’ve blogged on and off since 2009 but I’ve finally been able to keep a steady stream of posts coming throughout 2019. I’m very happy with what I’ve learned and most important, with the friends I’ve made. I definitely feel the Lord has put this desire in my heart as a way I can fulfill the Great Commission and go into all the world and tell the Good News as Mark 16:15 says. And I don’t even have to leave my living room! I hope you find joy, hope and peace when you visit my little corner of the Internet.
I put up my Christmas decor yesterday and my home is back to it’s regular state. I love the calming effect of  a neutral pallet.

I know this time of year is when people begin organizing their homes so for my favorites today I wanted to share what has helped me on my organizing journey. My home is far from where I want it to be but these items below have been a tremendous help.

1. Dresser  Organizer

These little guys have changed my life for the better! I cannot tell you how many times my little ones would be looking for a shirt at the bottom of a drawer and they would undo all my hard work of meticulously folding their clothes in a matter of seconds to try and grab that one little shirt. This has made it easier for them to find their clothes and when they do, they can pull out one neatly rolled shirt and none of the others are disturbed. It's genius and I am so grateful to the person who invented these! A HIGHLY recommended fav around here. 

2. Cabinet Organizer

 This is an aesthetically pleasing shelf that fits inside my cabinets and helps me hold extra coffee cups. We have SO many mugs but I do not want to get rid of them because we always use them when we have company and that is often. I have found this shelf helps tremendously in storing the cups we don't use often on a daily basis and it is extremely sturdy. It's also great for plates so I may be purchasing another.

3. Drawer Dividers

Another absolute fav in our home organization would be these drawer dividers. These look like the inside of my drawers and add a tremendous amount of peace when opening my serving utensils drawer. I have three of them to help divide wood, plastic and metal. Make sure you measure your drawer and order the correct size. I LOVE these!

4. Shoe Organizer
I like that this organizer has three shelves and a space at the bottom. This holds a TON of shoes and has a place underneath for flip flops and smaller shoes. It really keeps my shoe fetish looking pretty and less obvious ha!

5. Mesh Bags for Laundry

 This was my husbands idea...We like to throw all of our socks into one mesh bag per person so that when we do the laundry all of the socks stay together and do not get lost. I do not match our socks half the time so this really keeps them together easily and helps everyone find their own pairs quickly.

That's it for my favorites, onto five goals for the new year...

1. Be Debt Free (again). Hawaii and Christmas really did a number on us and I am confident and determined to make sure we are debt free by the end of 2020

2. Finish our third rental property. I talked about our cabin in this post (click here). We already have a renter who is ready to get into our cabin and her lease is up in November. I think that gives us plenty of time to add a laundry room and fence the area.

3. Completely declutter our entire home. After going through all of the items we had stored since our big move almost five years ago, our home has gotten pretty cluttered. Add Christmas to the mix and I am seeing little piles everywhere. I am ready for the peace of less so I am prayerful and ready to do our final declutter. I will be sharing this journey on this blog and on my instagram.

4. Save x amount of dollars. My husband and I have determined an amount that we want to save by 2020. Not ready to share that w anyone else but I am determined to work hard to attain that goal.

5. Finish reading through the Bible, start again and be halfway through by this time next year. If you have not read the Bible all the way through, I cannot recommend it enough. I'm working on my fifth time through the Bible and I am excited to start again. The Old Testament is my favorite which surprised me. I have found so many hidden treasures and my heart has been forever changed. I love how God's character is shown through the stories and His unchanging, everlasting lovingkindness is shown throughout the pages. It truly is life changing. 

This is just a snippet of what I hope to accomplish this year. I would love to hear your goals for the new year! Please find me on Instagram and be sure to let me know through DM that you found me on my blog so I can follow you. 

Here's a brief recap of yesterday's post on goal setting. 

Vision of 2020 : Setting Goals For the New Year
1. Begin with end in mind...What do you want to look back on at this time next year? What do you hope to say, "Wow, I did that!" about next year at this time?
I am SO grateful that when I look back at this year I can say, "Wow, we built this house and have two places rented this year!" Next year at this time I am hoping to have one more house rented. We have our little cabin that needs to be finished and last night we had a dear friend ask if she could rent it. Of course we ae excited to get another person we know love and trust in one of our rentals.

2. Commit your ways to the Lord and He will establish your plans. Ask yourself what your motives are. Are they pure and upright? If you ask anything according to the Lord's will then you already have what you ask of Him.

3. Create a plan. How will you get to you end goal? What are the steps you can take? For example, if you want to organize your kids clothes, you will need to take a quick inventory of what you have and what you need. Find a system that you think will work best. We like drawer organizers and rolling the clothes up and placing them in each little cube. It is helpful when pulling out certain shirts or pants so all the others do not get messed up. I will go into more detail on this at a later date. Maybe you want to eat healthier, take note of what you need to eliminate and create a meal plan with snacks as well.

4. Stay focused. Create a visual so you can keep your goals in front of your face every day. It could be a vision board or simply an index card with your goal written down. Just make sure you have something in front of you every day so you can remind yourself what you are working towards.

5. Start today. Do something today to help you take massive action towards you goal. 

Once you have all of this complete, I believe you will be successful. Commit your ways to the Lord and pray. Stay focused and go hard after what you set out to do. Praying it's a fruitful year for all of you.
Thank you for reading.

Commit your ways to the Lord and He will establish your plans. 
Proverbs 16:3

Many blessings to you.
Grace and peace,
Adoring Family


  1. I love reading more about your goals and heart to reach others in the year ahead. I have to look into those cabinet organizers. We have the drawer dividers and they have made such a difference. We're also going to be working on decluttering and have started a little bit, and it already feels amazing. Here's to making 2020 a great year filled with many blessings!

    1. Same to you, Sierra! I can't wait to see your decluttering and all the fun things you have planned for the year!

  2. Wish you all the best in accomplishing your goals. Your home is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, Terra! Blessings to you for the New Year!

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