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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Recent Amazon Favs

I found my FAVORITE candle on Amazon which I have purchased many times but this price is a deep discount! I am so excited to get this fragrance as I haven't been able to find it locally. I was inspired to look over my last ten Amazon orders and share my favs w you. 
My absolute FAVORITE candle. 
This fragrance is clean yet soft and warm. It's a cozy scent that brings me joy.

Drawer Organizers
I have been inspired by Youtube videos I have seen recently on organizing my girls' clothing. A lot of channels suggested these types of organizers. I'll definitely update you on the process. Watch my IG stories for these. This has been the best price for the most organizers in one package deal. I'm looking forward to tidy drawers!

Caldrea Countertop Spray
I am so in love with anything balsam scented for the Christmas season. This beautiful spray is another well loved fragrance from Caldrea. I do love Mrs. Meyers but Caldrea is a luxurious splurge that makes me look forward to cleaning. If it costs me $10, (actually less on the Subscribe & Save on Amazon) then it's well worth the money spent. 


The CUTEST Comfy Sweater

I love the fitted bottom and sleeve cuffs but the slouchy collar and arms are what make this sweater so appealing to me. It is the perfect cozy look that will be comfortable yet still dressy enough to run errands in. The darker gray is gorgeous for an everyday look but won't show stains and baking messes. 

Free People Busted Knee Jeans

I have seen these jeans a lot lately and I LOVE the look. I bought these for my daughter and she had to size up for these. They run extremely small but they look great on if you just remember to size up!

Faux Fur Girl's Boots

The cute comfy slip on boots are my favorite cozy option for my youngest daughter during the cold winters. They are so soft and toasty but they look adorable with leggings. KK is smitten with them!

OGX Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

We've had these on our subscribe and save list for years. I love the smell and the invigorating tingle this combo provides. Just a great inexpensive option to have on hand. 

Organic Mac N Cheese   

This pack comes with 12 of these mac-n-cheese boxes. We easily turn this into a quick lunch and I feel good knowing its Annie's which is organic and I know they are very choosy about their ingredients. This makes a very inexpensive option for a quick dinner or lunch. Just a little over $1 per box!

My FAV Mascara

I cannot tell you how may times I have purchased this in store but I have purchased 9 times on Amazon. This mascara is so beautiful. The formula is not thick or clumpy at all and it actually replenishes nutrients and has a growth serum built into the product. Highly recommended favorite of ours (my daughter has been using it as well). 

It's cold season so this product is a MUST in our home. The Allimax contains a natural antibiotic found in garlic (allicin) which can prevent a sinus infection if caught in time. We are very faithful users of this product. 

Hope you enjoy this list of a few of our favorite recent purchases. If you try something and love it, let me know!
Thank you for reading!
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family


  1. Those pink boots are super cute. I'll have to read up on AlliMax. May get it for my household.

    1. I think you will like it, Terra! Its so good to knock out anything cold or sinus related.

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