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Monday, November 11, 2019

Fall Fashion in Texas

We are finally experiencing cooler weather here in Texas. It is the beginning of November and we expect continued volatile weather and more warm fronts to be coming through. As a kid, I remember freezing in the morning as I waited for the bus so I’d wear a sweater but then by the time it was time to go home from school I would be burning up as it was now 80 degrees! It’s just not “sweater weather” in Texas until about mid December. There will be cool fronts but it’s not usually enough inside to wear a sweater without burning up.

Flannels that are lighter but can be rolled up w a cute cami underneath just in case it is 80 degrees and you need to take it off and tie it around your waist.

Busted knee jeans are the perfect fall jean. 


Some great options for fall fashion are open toed booties. They give you the cute boot look but you can still have some breathing room so your feet don’t get too hot.

I love these blanket scarfs for accessories on cold mornings because they can easily be shed as the temps rise. That's the unpredictable thing about Texas fall weather. You know it's going to be cold in the morning but you never know when the sweltering heat will take over and you will be burning up at some point. I love to wear a lightweight t-shirt w a blanket scarf that can be wrapped around you for warmth. 


I am not a fashion blogger but I do enjoy reading what others post and getting new ideas. These are a few I have tweaked to adapt to the warm/cold/warm/freezing/hot unpredictable temps we experience in Texas!

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  1. All so cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! We had our first snow fall this morning!!

  2. Ohhh how nice! Our school was cancelled due to the cold this morning! It will be in the 70's next week Ha!

  3. I love flannel this time of year! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us at the Creative Muster. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be sharing next week. Pinning!

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