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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Simple & Fun Family Night Ideas

We have been implementing a family night once a week for several months and it has been an incredible blessing to us. I want to share a few ideas with you.

Family dinner at the table! 
Sometimes, after a hard day's work, my husband will prefer to eat dinner in his chair and relax. The kids will eat at the island and I am so bad, I will just eat while I am cleaning up. I really need to quit that. During family night we insist on eating at the table. I always choose something a little bit unusual and special for family night. Sometimes I will do Fondue Family Dinner. I will make a heaping pile of Nachos with an assortment of dips. Sometimes its Steamed crab and artichokes. I also love Appetizer night. We just do something that isn't on my weekly menu plan and the kids and my husband love it. It's a fun and special way to kick off family night.

Family Discussion & Devotion.
After we clean up dinner (I usually strive to clean the main portion of dishes up before we eat so all we have to do is clear the table and load plates into the dishwasher), we will gather in the living room and sit together as Nathan shares what he's prepared for us. I'll never forget our first official Family Night. Nathan shared what it means to take Personal Responsibility, look after your own self and personal surroundings. He always shares a Bible verse that coincides with what he is talking about.

We take whatever verse Nathan shares and write it on an index card the nest day during school so we can work on memorizing it. 
 Sometimes he will talk about things he is noticing around the house that need improvement and sometimes he will share an important life lesson. Whatever he shares, I am always inspired. The children are as well and I am delighted with their response. 

Family Game Time
This is an absolute blast! We have so much fun playing all sorts of games as a family. It is a joy to watch the kids interact with each other and with Nathan. Hint: life lessons are also taught during this time ;)

Games the entire family can enjoy, Pictionary is our favorite!


 We usually have a special dessert somewhere in the mix. 
Popsicles, sliced watermelon, banana splits or ice cream cones on the porch. Now that it is fall we are baking! We love making snickerdoodles, pumpkin bread, peanut butter cookies w chocolate chips and serving dessert w hot chocolate or apple cider. Another fun family night idea is to roast marshmallows for s'mores by the campfire. 

The ideas are endless and the memories are priceless. Your family will look forward to Family Night and never want to miss it! You will solidify life lessons and create a solid, lasting family bond.

Do you have a Family Night? I would love to read some of the fun ideas you can add to our list!

Thank you for reading!

Grace & peace,
Adoring Family

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