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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Take MASSIVE Action

This week we are setting goals and taking MASSIVE action.
My husband has been discouraged as the last part of our new build is coming together so slowly. It seems like we finish a project only to have ten more little projects to follow. I was reminded of how this process started back in September of 2017. I wrote down a 12 step, five year business plan. It looked doable. We wanted to build a larger home, set up two more rentals and remain debt free. I wondered how we could put our plan into action an achieve this in half the time. This would require taking massive action on our part and doing some things a little different. 
We have adhered to Dave Ramsey's debt free system and Nate really wanted to stay that way. In my mind, a mortgage is allowed in a Dave Ramsey's budget so why not see if we can take out a mortgage and build our home along with two more rentals. The rentals would pay for the mortgage. At the time we wanted to do another metal building like our current home and have Nate finish it out. It was pretty near impossible to get financing for this option so I turned to other avenues. We had to get creative with the financing and decided to look at home equity loan out on our current home which was debt free. This allowed our new build to be COMPLETELY DEBT FREE and the loan to be on our rental property. This option provided it's own obstacles but eventually we were able to secure a loan to give us the financial freedom to embark on our new business journey. We were able to acquire enough cash to hire a builder to do only the projects we wanted him to do and act as contractors to outsource what we didn't have time to do. 

Fast forward to March of 2019 and we have purchased a cabin, built our dream home and have renters lined up for our current home and the camper that we lived in for the year while we were building this house. I remember the inspiration to take massive action and I am just as inspired to take that same action today. I wrote down the steps and said, "How can we achieve this goal of moving in our house in one month to moving in two weeks." It has required cutting a few things out temporarily and saying no to a few things.
We are exhausted but thankful for family that help stain, paint, neighbors caulking, MIL cooking for us and watching our kids, friends taking my kids on vacation w them, another set of friends taking the kids to CO-OP and even teaching my kids for me. 

Sometimes if you want to do big things in life then balance is NOT the answer. You have to break out of your mold and figure out a way to go hard after what you are seeking to do. 

I hope you will write down you goals and then take massive action to achieve them.
Thank you for reading. Blessings to you.

Grace & peace,

Adoring Family 

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