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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Little Peek Into Our Family.

 We are a homeschooling family that lives in central Texas and we are in the middle of building a dream (read about it here). 

Now onto some facts about each of us:

I’ve told you how wise and wonderful my husband is on many occasions. I have never met anybody like Nathan. He’s witty, hilarious, likable, strong, a man of integrity, super handsome, and just the best at everything he ever attempts. He truly is special and I’m so grateful I get to be his wife. 
He is a supervisor for an aerostructure company and has been there for over 10 years. He was at his previous employer for 10 years as well. I love that about my man, steady and the ability to stick things out. His work ethic is like no other. He works hard at his job from 6:30am (he always gets there early) to 3:30pm every day and then he comes home and builds our dream house with his own two hands until dark (pray for him, y’all, he is soooo tired). 
I am grateful to have a man like this. It makes me want to give him my best. He’s also the sexiest man on the planet, to me anyway 😄 we do have our disagreements but our goal is always reconciliation and neither of us can stand it when the other is upset. We are in it for the long haul. I respect him immensely and I’m honored to be his wife. 


This girl is the definition of awesome. She absolutely takes after her daddy. She is so much like him in every way. Very special and definitely the best at anything she ever puts her mind to. She will get something in her mind and practice it until she is completely amazing at it. She exudes confidence and is a leader. She has already started her own business which I will share about in another post. She has her blog as well which I will also share more on later. 
 Even though she is homeschooled, she is the most outgoing young lady I know. She will make friends anywhere she goes 😆  she is a very well-rounded person. She will get excited about something, study it, master and then move on to the next thing. Emma so cheerful, kind, wise, helpful, bright and loving. 
Emma is very trustworthy and a great secret keeper. She makes having a teenager fun. Em is an awesome babysitter and always plans out fun activities to engage the children. She is a doer! I have to mention that she is a master of sarcasm and pranks.


This boy is a heart melter. I am such a braggy mom,please forgive me but I just cannot help it.  I am so grateful that God gave me this boy. I prayed and prayed for a son. Several times when I was pregnant and I had a lot of bleeding when I was in my first trimester. I am just so grateful God kept him in there and he made it out safely, 3 weeks early but strong and healthy. He’s so kind and loving and gentle with his baby sister. He was a little disappointed at first when he found out he was having a sister but he changed his tune whenever he saw her. She is his little girl and he wanted to hold her all the time when she was a baby. He still would if she would sit still. Braden loves baseball and hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys his slack line and is pretty much inseparable from Emma. 
They are like two peas in a pod. Braden is a quiet genius. He figures things out quickly and subtlety, he doesn’t have to draw attention to himself. He’s just happy knowing he did it. Now that came from his dad. I had his friend’s mom tell me how humble Braden was yesterday. It made me happy knowing he has a heart of humility. Don’t think anyone can walk over him though, he will stand up for himself. He is thoughtful and kind. He will never take the last piece of anything because he wants to give it to someone else.

Brooke is all girl. She gets so excited over fun things like bows, tiaras and shoes. She is a girly girl but you may still find her covered in mud and in a tree.
She is described as bold, loyal, creative, smart and spunky as the day is long.  Brookie is fearless and confident. She is my sweet little, gentle hearted girl. 
She is a little helper. She’s always happy to do whatever I am doing and want to spend as much time w me as she can. She has sweet little hands and a twinkle in her eye. She is soft, gentle, inseparable from Little Katy and I love what a great big sister she is. She takes such good care of Kate. Brookie can be a little clown for sure, if she gets a laugh out of you she will try anything to get another. She has quite the clever sense of humor and does the funniest impressions. Her friends say she is hilarious.
I’m excited to see what this lil' firecracker will do when she grows up. 


Always ready for adventure, I love our Katy girl so much. She told me to tell y'all she loves cleaning the cabinets. She is my little helper. She also loves cooking with mama. She loves to play LOL Dolls & Legos with Brooke. She can jump on the trampoline like nobody’s business. She also balances on the slack line with help from her siblings. She’s kind of like our little family mascot. She’s our dimple queen, cuddle bug,  sunshine girl and song of joy.
She has a little buddy, her kitty, Golden-Boy. I’ve never seen a cat love a kid so much in my life. It’s adorable and hilarious. They chase each the around the kitchen table & love to snuggle. He follows her around like a puppy. I don’t know how she did it but she but that cat is smitten for life. KK has a great memory and loves to sing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything sweeter than KK singing songs like the “B-I-B-L-E”, “God is So Good” and “Deep & Wide”.  
Her laughter brings all of us such joy and we are so grateful God gave us this sweet little girl. I tell her every day she is my little gift from God I am so grateful I get to be her mama. 


I have failed and fallen down more times than I can count but I get back up every time. I love the Lord with all of my heart and I know that I am nothing without His strength, love and grace. Nathan is my knight in shining armor. He’s taught me so much in this life and he has been a steady rock. I’m deeply in love with him even after 15 years of marriage. My kids are my world. I’m so grateful to be a mom, they have made me who I am. My life verse is found in Philippians 2. Do nothing out of selfish ambition but with humility consider others before yourself. God has given me strong women to hold my arms up in battle when I have grown exhausted. I’m thankful to have wonderful, godly examples in my life to show how to love sacrificially, serve when exhausted and keep doing good even when it seems like no one notices. 
I'm a Hobbit at heart. Tolkien & Lewis are my favorite. I love homeschooling my kids SO much. I'm well aware of how extremely blessed I am and eternally thankful for the memories we are making. 
One last thing,
We made up a little song for each of our kids. I will share one of them with you. It is Braden's song. It goes a little something like this: 

"Brave ole’ Braden. Brave ole’ Braden.
Strong ole’ Braden. Strong ole’ Braden.
 Twinkle in his eye and a 
curl it his soft brown hair.
Brave ole’ Braden. Brave ole’ Braden.
Strong ole’ Braden. Strong ole’ Braden.
 Strong as an ox! Brave as the big brown bear. "

Hahahaha 😆It was much cuter whenever he was 14 months old LOL He still loves to hear it though. All of the kids love their songs and each one exemplifies their personalities perfectly.
If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you. Thank you so much for reading. Please know that this blog is as much of a blessing to me as I hope and pray it is for you. I do pray for my readers every single day. I pray that God can somehow make me a light in this dark world & that His Grace and Truth are evident in our lives. We truly would be nothing without Him. So often in this journey I have felt like the Israelites wandering through the desert and I’ve even worshiped a golden calf or two in the process. But God is so good, so faithful and when I remove these idols from my life,  He is that much sweeter to me and I am more grateful and aware of His unfailing love.

Thank you for reading. Praying for you today. 
Grace and Peace, 
Adoring Family

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  1. I love this so much! Thank you for sharing your family. I have blogged on and off for years, and have started recently again, but it just isn't like it used to be in this enormous blogging industry world. Yet, I come across blogs like yours, and it makes me happy and joyful that God still puts it on the hearts of women to share their lives and thoughts in a good old fashioned blog. This has encouraged me to keep going! Thank you x

    1. Sarah, I am sorry for the late reply. I tried to visit your blog but it is no longer available. I thank YOU for your encouragement! I absolutely agree w you but your words spur me on. I do hope you continue blogging somewhere. Blessings to you xoxo Sharon