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Monday, February 25, 2019

Our Cabin in the Woods: Rental Property # 2

I am so excited to be where we are on our journey. We are SO close to the finish line. We have been working for the past three and half years to build up this land with rental properties. Once we move into our new home, our current two bedroom/ two bath will be our first rental property. Our second will be this cute cabin nestled in the woods. 

This is a one bedroom cabin with a separate kitchen/dining and living room. We are planning to add a little laundry room as well. We hope this cabin will be a quaint, cozy home for someone to enjoy as a long-term rental. We've had several people asking to rent it from us but we already have a renter lined up which is a tremendous blessing. 

We paid cash for our cabin back in September. It was a repo from a local cedar cabin company that I often check with to see if they have any special deals. When this cabin became available I acted quickly and offered cash so I got a great deal on it. We will finish it out ourselves like we have our other properties.

Anyone can do what we have done but it will require lots of hard work and patience. My husband said last night that patience is not just waiting for the thing to happen. Everyone has to wait for something to happen. It's your attitude while you are waiting for the thing to happen. I love that so much. He is such a wise person and always has such profound musings on any subject.

Part of the reason we were able to do all we have done is because of my husband's extensive knowledge and work ethic. He works from dawn to well past dusk every day. He comes home exhausted and sore. We know that the end result will provide rest and financial freedom. 

We are mostly debt free except for the rentals. We do not have car payments or credit card debt. This has required discipline and creative action on our part. Like Dave Ramsey says, we live like no one else now so later we can live like no one else! We are currently still in the first part of that phase. We are a family of six living in a two bedroom who constantly work hard to build the next phase of our life. It has been a challenge but also a blessing. 

We could certainly use your prayers during this last phase. A friend of mine who is expecting a baby was comparing this plan to the birthing of a baby. We are in the labor pains stage. I told her that I think it's now the transition phase. When you just don't think you can go on any longer. I've given birth four times and I know full well that when transition is occurring, when it's so painful you don't know where the strength will come from, God somehow empowers you to push through and the next thing you know your beautiful baby is born. We are right there, almost ready to start living our dream.

Thank you for reading.
Grace & peace,
Adoring Family

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